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Tips for girls who want to experiment in bed

Tips for girls who want to experiment in bed


11 new things to try in bed for couples to spice it up

So, you’re a total take charge kinda lady when it comes to most things, right?! But, not when it comes to the bedroom? We have you covered! Here are some new things to try in bed for couples to pump up the heat.


1. Spooning Can Lead To Forking!

Spooning is the best way to fall asleep. But, it can lead to other things… By hoisting your derrière up, ever so slightly, you will find yourselves in an intriguing position. If you are on the hunt of how to spice things up in the bedroom, simple positions can lead to better things.



2. Two Words: Dimmer Switch

The whole, “lights on/ lights off” debacle can be avoided with the simple installation of a dimmer switch! He gets to see you in all your glory and you get the benefit of glamorous, sultry lighting. #WinWin 


3. Missionary

You may not always be on the hunt for freaky things to do in bed for a good time. Honestly, the classic missionary position is timeless so don’t be afraid to use it till you abuse it. It gets the job done, and well may we add! 



4. Modified Doggy

If doggy style seems a bit too “out there” to you and you don’t want to feel so exposed, how about trying it lying down? Your partner will enter you in a similar way but use his body to cover yours. It is one of those new things to try in bed for couples that are too shy to try the wilder things.


5. The Silent Game

We know, we know porn has you thinking that sex ain’t sex without the screaming, right? But that’s not the case. If you are a screamer, then lady, we salute you! But, if you feel uncomfortable, how about suggesting a silent round of sex?! Neither of you will make any noise, even if you oh-oh-oh so want to! Trust us, it will get him going too! 


6. Scented Candles

Familiar scents may help you to feel more at ease with certain situations. Try opting for scented candles, the next time you guys try something new, as they will provide mood lighting as well. They are great answers to how to spice things up in the bedroom. But don’t forget they’re there; you don’t want a fire on your hands! 


7. Communication Is Key

Above all, and like with anything else, talking to your partner about sex is important. It is something that the two of you are engaging in mutually, so talking about it should be as natural as talking about the game of cricket you two watched last weekend! Let him know what’s on your mind… 


8. Mirror, Mirror

Position yourselves in front of the mirror next time you plan to go at it! It doesn’t have to be anything out-of-the-box; simple missionary will do! But watching yourselves entwined will do wonders! 

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9. Surprise!

Surprising your partner with sex can break the monotony of routine. So if you two usually engage in intercourse in the evenings, why not spice things up by simply changing the time of day?! (Tip: A quickie in the morning will blow his mind!


10. Sexting

Everyone does it; Snapchat was basically made for it! Engage in a little texting fun before you two are due to meet! Talk about freaky things to do in bed. There won’t even be time to think about experimenting because you will be eager to just have one another after all the build up! 


11. Blindfolds

It sounds risqué, we know – but think about it. He can’t see what your doing or what face you’re making. So, IF you want to try something different (and remember, you don’t have to) then why not give this approach a try?! 


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Published on Jun 15, 2016



15 Jun 2016

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