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20 Times It’s Totally Okay To NOT Wash Your Hair!

Any girl would be lying if she swears she washes her hair every single day! With all the energy it takes to wash and style our tresses, we’re no stranger to cooking up amazing excuses and reasons to skip the shampoo on certain days. Here are a few situations we all find ourselves in when it’s okay to not wash our hair!

1.  When you’re going to the gym in the evening.

It’ll just get sweaty and grimy again.

2.  It’s only a 3 out of 10 on the greasiness scale, so no one would even notice.
  unwashed hair

I can get away with it today. It won’t be another day or two till I look like i fell in an oil keg.

3. When you know you’re not going to be meeting anybody you really want to impress.

So it doesn’t matter what my hair looks like!

4. When you decide to wear that hat you bought for a music fest instead.

No one will ever know. Plus, someone might even mistake me for a fashion blogger.

5.  They say that too much shampoo dries your hair out.

So I’m better off anyway. It’s for the good of my hair!

6. When you’re not even going out tonight!

Washing my hair would be a total waste then.

unwashed hair

7.   Lice (eww) actually prefer clean hair over greasy hair.

So at least I won’t be at risk. #TrueStory

8. Maybe you could just do a half-wash.

Can I wash my bangs in the sink?

9. When you tell yourself that you will definitely wash your hair in the morning.

Flops back on the couch!

10. Who are you kidding? You’ll do it after work!

*Hits snooze on the reminder*

unwashed hair

11. You’re SO tired after work. It’s been such a hectic day.

I deserve to just sit on the couch with a glass of wine.

12. Hey, you DID splurge on that fancy dry shampoo…

May as well use it!

unwashed hair

13. But you look so cute in a ponytail.

It totally suits me so much; I should wear my hair up more often.

14. You need to preserve this expensive shampoo for as long as possible.

It’s better if I cut down to minimum hair washes.

15. You’re not even going to see your crush today .

All that effort would be for nothing!

16. You can spray some perfume on it and make it smell amazing.

I’m a genius!

17. Blow-drying makes your arm cramp up and makes you sweat anyway.

I’m going to save my hair from that heat today.

unwashed hair 2

18. Hey, braids and buns stay better on second day hair anyway.

Maybe I should YouTube a fishtail tutorial.

19. What if it rains today and your hair gets dirty all over again?!

All my efforts would be pointless.

20. Some hairstyles look better on unwashed hair!

I read that on POPxo!

21. When you tell yourself you’ll wash it tomorrow.

unwashed hair

I swear! (You better do it, okay?)

GIFs: Elitedaily, gurl.com, thebestdryshampoo

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06 May 2016

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