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15 Thoughts Girls Have When They Get Their *First* Salary Ever!

15 Thoughts Girls Have When They Get Their *First* Salary Ever!

Getting your first salary ever is a huge milestone. It’s the beginning of the financial independence you’ve always been waiting for. The feeling that comes with the salary is indescribable. Here are 15 thoughts you have when you get your salary!

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1. ‘Yayyy!! I’ve finally got my salary. I cannot believe it! Wow, I’m a grown up.’

This is what adulthood feels like!

1 when you get your salary


2. ‘I’m a strong independent woman. Nothing and no one can stop me from being successful.’

I’m a boss lady!

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3. ‘What? I completely forgot that they’ll deduct tax from my salary.’

Why does the government need my money?

3 when you get your salary


4. ‘Is this it? Is this what I worked for all month? This is peanuts!’

Damn you, inexperience!

5. ‘That’s okay, this is only the beginning, I’ll earn more later. For now, this is my first ever paycheck!’

Mentally dancing!

5 when you get your salary

6. ‘I’ll buy mumma papa some gift from this salary. It’ll be so special! And for my grandparents too!’

After all, they deserve it!


7. ‘I’ll also get that dress I saw last week at Zara. Bet I’ll look amazing in it!’

The new heels I bought last month will perfectly complement it.

7when you get your salary

8. On an online shopping website: ‘I’ll get this one and this one and this one! Wow! I now have 6 items in my cart. It’s fine, I now earn my own money.’

I am an addict!

9. ‘Shit! Already spent Rs 6000? Ok, relax girl, relax. It’ll all be okay eventually.’

Deep breath in and slowly exhale.


9 when you get your salary

10. ‘This weekend I’ll go to the best restaurants in town and treat myself to a fancy dinner.’

I’ll order that dish I’ve been wanting to try forever!

11. ‘But also, should I make a smart decision for once in my life and invest some of it somewhere for my future?’

There was an ad about mutual fund and systematic investment on the radio. Is that something I should pay attention to?

11 when you get your salary


12. ‘No, no! I’m too young to worry about saving money. I’ll do it in a few years.’

After all, who knows what’ll happen tomorrow. Might as well spend now!

13. ‘Handling finances is such a hassle. I wonder how my parents do it. Maybe, if I ask them, they’ll do it for me too!’

Maybe, I’m not as independent as I thought.

13 when you get your salary

14. ‘I’ll do it myself. I must learn to adult. After all, I earn my own money now!’

We learn new things every day, why not this?


15. ‘But only 30 more days to my next salary.’

Happy dance!

15 when you get your salary

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14 Aug 2017

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