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#OneNightStand: 29 Thoughts Every Girl Has The Morning After!

Ladies, plenty of us have found ourselves in that situation. The morning after a one-night stand. And while it’s nothing to be ashamed about, we can’t deny that it can be pretty awkward waking up in someone else’s bed if you aren’t actually dating them! But if we’ve been there, we must admit to secretly (and sometimes not so secretly) having enjoyed the thrill and regretting them not one bit! Here are the thoughts every girl has after hooking up with a guy for the first time!

1. OMG, I can’t believe I did that!

one-night stand (5)

2. Do I need to get tested now?

3. I wonder if he liked it…

4. Okay, what does it matter, it’s not like I know him well enough to care.

one-night stand (9)

5. Where are my clothes, though?

6. Or my bra, for that matter!

7. Can I sneak out of here without him realizing?

one-night stand (6)

8. Should I leave him a note with my number on it? That’s what they do in movies, right?

9. Okay, I’m going to call a cab.

10. Um, WTF is his address? I have no idea what to tell the cab.

one-night stand (1)

11. What’s his Wi-Fi password?

12. Yes, app has auto-detected my location! Thank you, 3G!

13. Is it too early to text anyone… WHAT? 34 messages and 12 missed calls?

one-night stand (10)

14. Okay, not like I can call anyone right now and actually talk.

15. Hmm. Judging by his snoring, he is well-satisfied.

16. There is no bloody way I’m wearing these heels again. I’ll just have to carry them.

one-night stand (2)

17. Damn it, does he have a dog?!

18. OMG, are there other PEOPLE in the house?

19. And what if his neighbours see me?! Oh, who cares, its not like they’re mine!

one-night stand (4)

20. Yay, I got out without seeing anyone! I hope no one saw me either.

21. Why is it so bright outside?

22. Why is the guard staring? Is my dress on backwards?

one-night stand (7)

23. Shit, I forgot my earrings! Should I go back?

24. It’s fine, they were only 300 bucks, I’ll buy another pair.

25. Why isn’t the driver here yet? That family out for a walk looks totally scandalized.

one-night stand (11)

26. Did that mother just COVER her kid’s eyes?! Oh, no. She was just fixing his hair.

27. My feet are so dirty! And I’m so hungry! Where’s the… Oh, he’s finally here!

one-night stand (3)

28. The friends I ditched last night are TOTALLY going to judge me.

29. Okay, whatever. This was nice. I’m not going to worry about it!

one-night stand (8)

Featured image: Shutterstock; GIFs: bollywoodreactions.tumblr.com

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06 May 2016

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