13 Thoughts *Every* Girl Has While Ordering Food Online!

Sayunkta JainSayunkta Jain  |  Apr 2, 2018
13 Thoughts *Every* Girl Has While Ordering Food Online!


I’m a messy eater – often clumsy, lazy sometimes and hungry always. I guess, you could say my spirit animal is a panda. Of all the apps I have on my phone, seven are food. I order food online almost everyday, whether it’s a noodle box or a single brownie. And here are all the thoughts that sprint through my head while I’m at it.

1. Why is it taking so long?

1 food - joey thanksgiving pants

The best part about ordering food online is that you don’t have to go to food. Food comes to you. But the moment we see a green dot next to ‘On its way,’ you can’t expect us to be patient.

2. The delivery guy hasn’t moved at all! Should I cancel?

2 food - robin how i met your mother

The struggle is real.

3. I’m too broke to order. Maybe I could split the bill with someone!

3 food - spongebob and patrick

But then I would have to share my food too.

4. To eat healthy or to eat junk?

4 food - joey pizza

My heart says ‘pizza’ but my hips say ‘salad.’ And as Shakira said, “hips don’t lie!” Damn you, calories!

5. ‘Regular’ is too less and ‘Large’ is too much!

5 food - gloria modern family

Whoever said ‘Size doesn’t matter,’ is wrong. SO wrong.

6. Why is the delivery charge so high for a single roll?

6 food - sherlock holmes benedict cumberbatch

That moment when a roll for 80 bucks totals down to Rs 264 after delivery charges. As if taxes weren’t eating us alive!

7. I should try something new this time (or not…)

7 food - ted and marshal bacon scene

And her name is chicken momos.

8. Koi offer chal raha hai kya?

8 food - thirteen reasons why

Give me a food coupon and I’ll be less guilty about all the calories I’m about to inhale.

9. Cash on delivery or card?

9 food - mila kunis that 70s show

I’m not a huge fan of keeping cash in my wallet and my bank account is not a huge fan of it either. But you have got to make the best of a situation.

10. What if my order gets delivered to someone else?

10 food - sheldon cooper tbbt

It almost never happens but, hey, I’m possessive about my dude and my food.

11. This one looks good on the app. I’ll order this!

11 food - emma stone food

Food pictures online are subject to market risk. Please read the dish description carefully before investing.

12. They have a minimum order limit? I’ll just add another Coke!

12 food - eleven stranger things eggos

This explains the mountain of empty Coke bottles in my room.

13. Ugh! What do I order?

13 food - inside out

And the thought that starts it all. You know you’re hungry, but you don’t always know what you want.

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