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30 Thoughts Every Girl Has When She Walks Into Forever 21!

Forever 21 is a stop on every girl’s shopping schedule – no, no, don’t even try to deny it! If you’re someone who visits this store more often than you can afford, you will surely relate to this list. Here’s what goes through our minds when we walk into F21!

1. I’m just gonna pick up a nice skirt. It’s spring, after all.

2. I see floral, and more floral.

3. Ooh, there’s so much to see. Everything is SO cute!

forever21- 3

4. I’m going to try out these three things. I’m sure I’ll like one of them.

5. Why is the queue at the changing room so long? Are these women trying everything at the store?

6. OMG, there’s such a long queue for the trial room. Maybe I should just buy all of these and exchange whatever doesn’t fit.

forever21- 6

7. Ooh, before I go to the counter, let me check out THAT row.

8. Whoa, I LOVE that hairband! And that belt! OMG, that scarf is sooo pretty. God, I really need to get my hands on those.

9. Why is the whole damn world shopping here? Aren’t there other shops in this mall?

forever21- 9

10. I LOVE Forever 21! Everything is so affordable!

11. Oh, I saw that annoying girl at the party last night wearing that lace dress. Definitely don’t want that.

forever21- 11

12. OMG, that woman is coming towards this scarf! I better pick it up – I can chuck it later if I don’t feel like getting it. Wait, why is it so long? How is it supposed to be worn?

forever21- 12

13. I HAVE to get these platforms. Argh, why are they not on sale?!

14. Wow, this top is for 300 bucks?! I should buy it in 3 different colours! WTF, why don’t they have anything other than XL or XS?

forever21- 14

15. Heyyyyy, is that the girl from that show on Channel V? Damn it, I’ve totally forgotten her name. She’s so much shorter in real life.

16. OMG, I LOVE that song! I like how I can shop and dance at the same time, yeaaah!

17. “Eeeeks, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bump into you!” Oh, okay – that’s a really lifelike mannequin.

forever21- 17

18. My arms hurt, I’m lugging around so much stuff, somebody PLEASE give me a shopping bag!

19. Is this a top or a dress? How exactly do I put it on?

forever21- 19

20. Oh! I think that girl’s from my college. Oh, wait, no! I just waved at some creepy stranger.


21. WHAT? An empty trial room? YAYYYY!


22. Does my butt look huge in this dress? Grrh, I need to go outside and check in the corridor mirror.

23. OMG, 5 strangers just looked at me weirdly. I guess I have my answer. 🙁


24. My legs hurt. I’ll just sit down and try on some shoes now.

25. That woman picked up the same pair. Damn, I can’t buy this now.

26. I should head to check-out now. I don’t have that much money. I’ll just drop off this scarf at the next rack.


27. Who even buys the stuff lying at the cash counter? Oh, that manicure set is pretty cute, though. And I guess I should pick up a mirror.

28. I’ll try to catch the cashier’s eye and give him a friendly smile. Maybe that’ll make him hurry up with folding that lady’s clothes!


29. How much stuff is she buying? How much money does she have?? How long will he ignore me and keep folding her stuff???

30. Done! Now I need to eat something, this was SO tiring. Oh, shit. I forgot to buy a skirt. Okay, never mind, I’ll pick it up next week. Or maybe tomorrow.

forever21- 30

After a good 2 hours inside the store (in spite of having planned to spend only 30 minutes there), you finally leave to join the sea of women holding those bright yellow shopping bags in the mall, feeling lightheaded with glee.

GIFs: indipepper.com, tumblr.com, scoopwhoop.com, giphy.com, meme-lol.com, gurl.com; featured image: Shutterstock

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06 May 2016

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