7 Things You’ll Get If You’re *Always* Running Late!

Akanksha SharadAkanksha Sharad  |  Sep 25, 2017
7 Things You’ll Get If You’re *Always* Running Late!

Is late-lateef your middle name? Procrastination your area of expertise? Are you right now on your way to work, but already half an hour late? Well then, you’re at the right place!

For work, for a party or for a movie – if you are anything like me, you’re always hurrying to be there but no matter how prepared or excited you are you end up ALWAYS being late. Here are a couple of things you will profusely shake yes for!

1. Alarms almost never work

Setting an alarm isn’t helpful, ever! Even if you set 6 alarms in a row with a gap of 10 minutes, you still don’t wake up. What works though is your mom constantly shaking and flipping you for 20 minutes, multiple buckets of water thrown at you, and an entire band playing trumpets over your head.

Oh, wait, even that doesn’t!

2. Your winged eyeliner is NEVER on point

Let’s admit it, you’re a pro at doing the winged look right. But when you have 45 seconds to get out of the bathroom and out of your house, you always end up getting it wrong. The struggle is real!

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3. You always leave something behind

Some days it’s the charger, other days it’s your wallet – you’re always forgetting something. Since you are already late, you can’t even go back. So you are more or less used to surviving metro rides without music because you forgot your earphones on the table again!

It’s always wise to keep a portable charger (1,799) in your bag at all times if you’re someone who is always on the go!

4. Your cab drivers hate you

You are the worst kind of cab rider ever! Always asking your drivers where they are, why they haven’t arrived yet, why they won’t hurry up, drive faster, take a shorter route when the fact is you took an hour long shower again!

5. Multitasking is your thing!

With all these years of practice, you have become a pro at multitasking when you’re late. You can do your hair, put on your nailpaint, have breakfast, reply to emails – all at the same time. And you’re proud of it!

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6. You’ve mastered the art of excuses

You’re the Jedi master of bullshit excuses. Even if they sound highly unbelievable, you always have a legit excuse to why you’re late. And your secret talent is making people actually believe them!

7. You’re told to arrive early on purpose all the time!

Your friends and family are probably the only ones who actually see through your excuses. So they always always tell you the wrong time. If you’re supposed to meet at 10 AM, you’ll be the only one told to come at 9 AM.

But, of course, even that never works. Ah, well!

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Here’s to someday reaching somewhere on time!