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15 Things You’ll Totally Get If *Chai* Is Your One True Bae!!

15 Things You’ll Totally Get If *Chai* Is Your One True Bae!!

The biggest, most amazing, fan-freakin-tastic gift that adulthood has given us is introducing us to chai. After all, what would the world be without it? If you too are addicted to chai, then you will totally get what we are talking about! Here are some super relatable things you will get if you love tea!

1. You ain’t putting a key into the ignition of your mind or body till you get a cup of garma garam chai.

Nope. Not happening.

2. You just cannot resist the temptation to ‘slurrrrp’ the first sip and go ‘ahaaaa’ after!

Because that’s how you drink tea! That’s just how it’s done!

addicted to chai

3. You have tasted every kind of tea, with every combination of spices possible!

Cardamom + cinnamon, cinnamon + ginger, ginger + cinnamon + cardamom… Everything!

4. You just don’t understand people who don’t like tea!

Really? How do you survive, people? What do you dip your biscuit in? Haan?

addicted to chai

5. You don’t like places that have 99 varieties of coffee and 2 varieties of tea.

You, dear people, are traitors to the tea gods and we chai lovers shall have nothing to do with you! *Struts out of the cafe*

6. The moment your office waale bhaiya gets you tea, you jump up and down with joy in your head!

Because the day just got a whole lot better!

addicted to chai

7. Every time your friends force you to have coffee, you feel like you are cheating on tea.

And the only befitting apology is to drink two cups of tea right after!

8. You know the charm of the tapri waali chai and the pahaadon waali chai!

Your tastebuds do a little dance every time you treat them to it!

addicted to chai

9. When it rains, people look for cover but you look for tea!

Because there can be nothing better than having a steaming hot cup of tea in the rain!

10. This is how you look when you don’t get chai the whole day!

Oh, the horror!

addicted to chai

11. No rice or pulses or veggies at home? No problemo! No chai patti at home?

You run like a ninja!

12. Chai is the ultimate cure for everything!

Fever? Have chai. Sore throat? Have chai. Feeling depressed? Have chai. Broken leg? Still have chai.

addicted to chai

13. You would rather go on chai dates than coffee dates!

And you ain’t dating anyone who doesn’t like chai!

14. Any time is tea time!

You don’t get people who say, ‘You’re having tea? This time of the day?’

addicted to chai

15. And now after reading so much about it, you’re suddenly craving a cup of piping hot chai!

Scoot! Run! Fly! Get yourself a nice cup of tea!

GIFs: Tumblr

17 Nov 2016

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