10 Things To Not Get TOO Mad About In Your Relationship!

Smriti NotaniSmriti Notani  |  May 5, 2016


No two people are so perfectly compatible that they agree about everything and never have a single fight. Seriously, that’s unreal! But while we tend to lose our shit over something our significant other said, or did, or implied or didn’t do, let’s remember that nothing is worth all that fighting! There are some things we girls need to be more chilled out about. Here’s a list to remind you that sometimes we shouldn’t sweat the small stuff, especially if the payoff is a happy, peaceful relationship!

1.  Guy Time

He needs his guys, just like you need your girls. Let him have his space – trust us, it’s only healthy! And no, they don’t only meet to check out other women. Have some faith, girl!

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2.  Call Stall

If you happened to call him and he missed it, don’t fret like the world is ending. He’ll call you when he can. Don’t get upset and don’t demand explanations. It’s silly if you think he’s just waiting by the phone for your call.

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3.  The Honesty Effect

Can we be real with you? Guys have a tendency to not sugarcoat things like a lot of us girls do. That’s right – they say it as it is. And while we understand how this could throw you off sometimes, it’s really nothing to get mad about! It’s actually quite a cool way to live – no guessing games and no hidden intentions.

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4.  The Porn Dilemma

So, he watches porn sometimes. So what? No he’s not a sex maniac and yes, he still loves you! Let. It. Go!


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5.  The Other Girls

You are aware that he had a life before you came along, right? So, if he has a group of friends and some of them are girls, please don’t have issues about this. They are probably his buddies and that’s just that. If any particular girl is giving you a reason to be concerned, then it’s a different story altogether. But if there are no red flags, please be cool with the whole situation.

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6.  Sports Fever

If he’s passionate about sports, likes to watch every match that comes on and even likes to go and play at times – he’s basically like every boyfriend in the world. We are all allowed a guilty pleasure and if his is cricket or football, then there’s really nothing wrong with that. Instead of whining, pencil some “me-time” into your diary when you know the match is on!

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7.  The Stare Case

The two of you are at a restaurant and a really pretty girl walks in a stunning red dress – trust us, YOU BOTH WILL LOOK! It’s only human to look at attractive people. You do it all the time! So, please cut out the double standards. He glanced and looked away – it’s not a crime; it’s normal. Really something you should not get mad about.

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8.  The Memory Game

So, he forgot the anniversary of the first time you guys held hands. You know what? It’s OKAY. He remembers your birthday and your real anniversary. Let the other stuff go, please.

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9.  Family Matters

He knows best how to handle his family. Whether he wants to tell them about you, introduce you to them or keep you under wraps – we are sure he has his reasons for this. Trust him when he says he will do everything when the time is right. There’s no point having repeated arguments or trying to change his mind, because that’s only going to lead to negativity.

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10.  Mood Diaries

Contrary to popular belief, he does not have sex on his mind ALL the time. Sure, it’s really on his mind a lot of the times – but still not ALL the time. If he’s had a long, stressful day, and he doesn’t wish to get naughty under the sheets, don’t get angry! He’s allowed to not be in the mood. He’s a human being. Give him some TLC and pep him up instead of fighting with him about how he offended you.

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