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10 Little Things You Didn’t Realize Love Is Making You Do!

10 Little Things You Didn’t Realize Love Is Making You Do!

‘Everything is fair is in love and war’… Well, let’s keep it to the cute stuff when we talk about the things you do when you are in love! Yes, there are ample of simple, cute and innocent things that almost all of us do (or have done) just out of love for that special someone – without even realizing. Here are 10 such things that you do when you fall in love!

1. Cancelling plans to spend that warm, cozy day with him

College romance has its own charm and bunking lectures once in a while is just a part of it! But when you start cancelling plans just to spend time with him? That’s because of love!

1 when you fall in love

2. Telling those little lies to your mommy…

When she catches you daydreaming about him daily!

3. Checking your phone million times a day…

And every time it rings up, you expect it to be him! Every text or call from him makes your day a bit brighter!

4. Smiling for no reason…

Because even a thought about him makes you smile really wide! *Blush*

4 when you fall in love

5. Getting mad at him for not picking up your call or for not replying to your text on time…

And then telling him how much you miss him when he calls back!

6. Counting days, hours, minutes till you see him next…

As soon as he drops you home after having a fun day!

7. Forgiving his little mistakes and embracing all his slightly annoying flaws…

Because you know nobody’s perfect… But you know he’s *perfect* for you!

7 when you fall in love

8. Asking him so many questions about himself…

Because you’re trying to know him better with each and every passing moment you spend with him!

9. Letting him have that last slice of pizza…

And that last bite of cake! No…maybe not cake!

10. Finding yourself looking at him…

And feeling those butterflies in your stomach… That’s when you know you are truly and madly in love!

10 when you fall in love

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24 Nov 2016

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