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XOXO2021: After A Whirlwind Year, Here Are 9 Things We’re Rooting For In (A Calm) 2021

XOXO2021: After A Whirlwind Year, Here Are 9 Things We’re Rooting For In (A Calm) 2021

How would you define 2020? The answer is sure to come in various forms but the sentiment, we are certain, will be leaning towards how crazy the majority of the year has been. Fortunately, we are moving towards a new one (can’t wait!) and we can definitely wish for a significantly better time ahead. What all did we wish for? Just what you had thought and then some more. Scroll to find out.


2020 has been the most adverse of years on all fronts and going forward as we step into a new year, we can only hope to recover from it and come back even stronger. Whether it’s on the personal front, in terms of small business owners and independent artists or for frontline workers who have been on the forefront during this crisis, we hope 2021 is the year when we all bounce back from the many losses of this phase. 

Hope & Health

We had all perhaps, to some extent, been putting our own health on the backseat and as COVID-19 struck us in full swing, it also brought about the great introspection about what was lacking on the health front. From 2021, we wish for a better time, along with furthering the focus on health that began during 2020. 


Nothing new here, for this is that one thing we wish for each year. This time, the yearning for it is a little more and considering the X&%$ simply unforgettable year that we have all had, we really do deserve all the happiness there is. 


Patience & Clarity

In a polarised world where misinformation is blatant, our one wish from 2021 would be the patience to understand a particular scenario, and the ability to proceed with clarity as to what we feel about it. No more fights, trolling and all of that drama, please!

Meeting With Friends & Family

This one pretty much spells itself out but we will give it a try nonetheless. Many of us have spent the major chunk of 2020 without seeing our loved ones and if you are one of those people, we see you. In the approaching year, more than anything, we yearn for togetherness and love in a safe environment. And we are hopeful, to say the least!

Stepping Out Once Again

We don’t mean just for the essentials! After spending what feels like an eternity cooped indoors, spending time in the great outdoors is definitely on our list of things we wish for from 2021.

Good Food & Laughter

Never met anyone who would say ‘no’ to these, TBH! Now much like you, we have spent 2020 trying to DIY our way into the kitchen and let me tell you, it’s not the same! As the year ends, here’s hoping that so does the number of hours spent trying to get a recipe right, because we will be back to relying on the experts. Great food + laughter all the way. Though if savoury snacks are what you are on the lookout for right away, Yummiano has loads to offer! 


Available at: In & Out Stores in Vasant Kunj, Shanti Path, Defence Colony, Moolchand and across retail stores. 

Wearing Real Clothes +Makeup!

As cool, comfy and utilitarian as pyjamas have been, we would very much like to see how the rest of our wardrobe is doing. Remember jeans and dresses and going-out tops and the rest? 2021, on the sartorial front, we wish you have a bit more than just pyjamas in store!

A Vaccine!

We saved the most sought-after thing for the last! How 2021 will go depends a lot on the vaccine trails for COVID-19 and one finally being available for the masses in India. Fingers crossed and lest you forgot, wear a mask!

Bye, 2020. Won’t miss you ever. 


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22 Dec 2020

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