Know Someone Who’s COVID Positive? Don’t Say These 10 Things To Them

Tanya SharmaTanya Sharma  |  Apr 28, 2021
Know Someone Who’s COVID Positive? Don’t Say These 10 Things To Them


Finding out you’ve tested positive for coronavirus can be anxiety-inducing for anyone, especially given that our healthcare system is overburdened at the moment. But while you’re already dealing with the nightmare COVID-19, you also have to put up with the endless stream of unsolicited advice from rishtedaars and ‘well wishers’. It’s bad enough that our body has to fight off a deadly virus, why do we need to hear about your ‘magic cure for corona’ that you heard about on WhatsApp?!

So folks, if you know somebody who is COVID positive, please refrain from saying the following things to them:

OMG! Who Gave It To You?

Unfortunately the coronavirus does not come with a GPS, Pooja, so I’m not really sure.

Are You Sure It’s COIVD?

I have multiple test reports that say so, but you’re right, what if it’s a common cold after all? *rolls eyes*

Have You Tried *Insert Useless Unscientific Activity*

Keep that medical degree you earned from WhatApp University to yourself, please.

OMG, What If You Die?!

Then be assured that I’ll be haunting you for the rest of your life, I promise!

Just Be Positive, Yaar!

I never thought about that! Wow, I suddenly feel so much *positivity*

But You Look Fine!

I didn’t know your eyes have in-built X-Ray machines?

Honestly, It’s Not A Big Deal

Okay, but I don’t remember asking you?

You’ve Always Been Weak

Well, guess what? My body is fighting a lethal virus so I am much stronger than you think!

You’re Lucky That Your Symptoms Are Mild

Yes, I am SO lucky that I got infected by a killer virus! What a stroke of luck!

At Least You Are Losing Weight!

Didn’t you know I caught it intentionally? It’s a new diet technique!

If anybody has said even one of these lines to you while you were sick…they’re toxic AF and you should cut them off ASAP!

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