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15 Surprising Things My First *Grown-Up* Relationship Taught Me

15 Surprising Things My First *Grown-Up* Relationship Taught Me

When you’re in a serious relationship, it teaches you certain lessons that you might not ever learn otherwise. Some cute, some funny and some life-changing things. We decided to list out 15 things to learn from a grown up relationship that help you grow.

1. You learn how to share your life

No, that doesn’t mean our partner’s life becomes our whole world. You have your own life, he has his and you’re both happy to be sharing it with each other.

2. Your independence…is yours

It’s a tough balance to create, but an important one. You learn to find a way so that he cares about your safety but at the same time, isn’t overprotective. It never works well when he curbs you from doing something you want to.

2 things to learn from a grown up relationship


3. Healthy competition is great!

It’s good to get competitive as it nurtures you to grow better as an individual, in your career or if you’re looking to develop an extra skill set. It could be anything – from a golgappa eating competition to a friendly game of Pictionary!

4. An apology doesn’t have to be a sorry

You don’t always have to say sorry when you’re feeling apologetic. Sometimes, you end up saying it with little gestures – by giving him a big hug or making him his favourite meal!

4 things to learn from a grown up relationship

5. Love is meant to be easy

Something you learn over time, a relationship should feel natural. It doesn’t have to involve too many fights, compromises or sacrifices.


6. You shouldn’t need to track each other

Trusting your significant other is important, because that is what builds the foundation of your relationship. In a strong relationship, you don’t necessarily need to keep a constant watch on each other or ever have the need to check his phone.

6 things to learn from a grown up relationship

7. Keep the past in the past

Don’t bring it up in conversations. His past might or might not be similar to yours. He may have been in a serious relationship, or might even have had a few insignificant flings. But if you both are happy together right now, all of that shouldn’t bother you.

8. The little things ‘matter’

The excitement of big, snazzy gifts fades after a point. Nothing feels as special as a surprise breakfast in bed, a long car drive or just a surprise date night!


8 things to learn from a grown up relationship

9. ‘Compromise’ is not a bad word

And the little things you do or don’t do to keep each other happy? Yeah, they’re compromises, but they’re also small gestures that make your significant other feel loved.

10. You don’t have to dress to impress

Having a ‘no bath day’ and lazing around in your PJs together is not just okay but absolutely normal. You don’t have to look prim and proper or perfect every time you step out to meet him.

10 things to learn from a grown up relationship


11. It’s not necessary to celebrate every tiny milestone

You don’t have to remember your first kiss or the day you met…If your love is constant, you don’t need occasions or dates to celebrate it!

12. Every misfit has a perfect fit

Did you always think you were the only weird person you knew? Do you have quirks like talking to yourself constantly, imagining a day that might never come or visualising yourself amidst dragons and butterflies? Well, when in a serious relationship, you find out about his fictional characters and quirks and love them as much as you love him!

12 things to learn from a grown up relationship

13. Every fight doesn’t lead to a breakup

You can argue, disagree on things and even express your disapproval loudly, but it will not lead to a breakup. Either you two make up or agree to disagree, but that’s that!


14. You become each other’s career counsellors

He’s the first person you call if you’re in need of advice, and you’re the first person he wants to talk to. You both know each other’s strengths, weaknesses and can help solve each other’s major career dilemmas.

14 things to learn from a grown up relationship

15. You want to put in the effort

Even if you aren’t constantly thinking or talking about marriage, you know you eventually want to settle down with that person. So you find yourself putting in some real effort to making things work!

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11 Jan 2017

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