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Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing Your Engagement Ring!

Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing Your Engagement Ring!

Your man has proposed and we’re all incredibly happy for the both of you! After all these cheers and toasts, let’s get back to the planning! Starting with the engagement ceremony. The most important thing that comes to our mind is the engagement ring!

It’s advisable to go with your partner to choose the ring since you are the one wearing it for the rest of your life! Here are few things you should keep in mind while choosing your engagement ring!

1. What’s the budget?

You don’t have to be all hush-hush about it just because he is the one spending! You are marrying the man, what’s his is yours and vice versa. 😉 Keeping a budget in mind will always help you shortlist the rings accordingly. Also, we always tend to overshoot the budget if you really like something, so keep a decent one!

2. What’s your everyday schedule?

Are you going to be wearing this ring everyday? Do you work in a space where it might be a hindrance if you wear a ring with elevated stones? What’s your work life like? The answers to these questions are very specific because your ring should be per our needs and lifestyle!


3. What kind of stones do you prefer?

The most common preference would be diamonds, but you can go off-beat and pick a ring with some precious stones like emerald and ruby too! They look exquisite when combined with diamonds and gold. There are lot many semi-precious options available that can be cheaper – Swarovski, quartz and chalcedony are some.

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4. Educate yourself about the four Cs in diamonds

…Which are colour, clarity, carat weight and the quality of the cut of the diamond. The better the cut, the better the shine. Round shape is generally the most preferred. Diamonds inherently have blemishes and impurities inside them, so choosing something with least of these is considered to be of a brilliant clarity. There are different standards for colours as per international certifications. Carat weight is how much the stone weighs and that determines the price too.

5. What do you want the stones to be set in?

Are you someone who prefers white gold to the striking yellow-gold or you like the look of platinum more? Either way, pick something that you feel will match your personality more, since this is something you’ll have for the most part of your life!


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6. What designs do you like?

Do you like cleaner cuts or something more antique? You prefer intricate designs or bold ones? Choosing the design that is most suited to your personal style is the key. You don’t want to put a bold ring when you like tinier things. It’ll get overwhelming and you’ll start disliking it.

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7. Custom-made or ready-made?

Do not get scared by the idea of custom-made. If you go to any reputable store and tell them your budget, they’ll be able to make something for you keeping your chosen design and budget in mind. If there is already a design you’ve seen and liked, then make sure you go and check out a few stores before you finalise it and then get it fitted as per your finger size.


8. Don’t forget the receipts and insurance!

In case you want to get something fixed or there is any issue with the ring setting, having the receipt is good but the insurance or warranty card of the diamond is mandatory. Even if you have to pay a certain premium for the certificate and insurance, it’s a great investment. This is something you’ll realise later!

9. When should you go and book the ring?

If you’re getting a custom-made ring or even a ready-made one, keep a margin of minimum 1-3 months as they could take time to make it for you! In case you don’t like the ring, there is time to get it fixed too!

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10. What is the shape of your fingers?

This is not something that you need to keep necessarily in mind, though this can help you pick the ring that complements your fingers the most. If you’ve got short fingers then go for anything that makes your fingers look long, like a pear or a marquise-shaped stone. If you’ve got skinny, long fingers where the knuckles are evident, go for a wider ring setting instead of a single stone. It’ll balance the fingers out!


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18 May 2016

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