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25 Things You *Need* To Do With Your Bestie Before Turning 25!

Isheeta SharmaIsheeta Sharma  |  Sep 29, 2016
25 Things You *Need* To Do With Your Bestie Before Turning 25!


You might have read and heard of many friendship bucket lists but this, my friends, is the ultimate one! We grow up with our best friends and while we do that, there are somethings we must check off our bucket list! Here are 25 things all besties should do together before they turn 25!

How many are you done with? *wink*

1. Vacay together!

First things first, let’s do the one thing you and your bestie have been planning since forever! A vacation together! Could it get any better than you, your bestie and a completely new place to explore?

1 things to do with your best friend

2. Convince each other to save money

A friend in need is a friend indeed! Earning money is difficult and spending it is way too easy! Be a good friend and help each other save money. That includes planning where it goes and cutting down on the extravagant brunches. *Sigh*

3. Then go on a shopping spree, anyway!

But, hey, you both really need those new boots, right?

3 things to do with your best friend

4. Binge watch TV the whole weekend!

Gossip girl your way through those dull weekends. It can do wonders! And remember to stack your bedside table with snacks and drinks so you can get your real binge on!

5. Help each other move on after a heartbreak

Heartbreaks suck, no matter what. The one thing that stays constant through all those heart-wrenching, teary eyed moments is your best friend sitting next to you with a box of tissues and ice cream.

5 things to do with your best friend

6. Chill with their parents like you’d chill with your own

There is absolutely no difference between their parents and your own. Except maybe the fact that their parents love you more than yours! 😛

7. Convince them to get married so that you can buy new clothes

Because how else are you going to be the Deepika to their Kalki? Duh!

7 things to do with your best friend

8. Have a night neither of you can remember

Drunken memories are as important as sober ones. Though we don’t want you to wake up with a throbbing head the next morning, a night that neither of you has any memory of sounds exciting enough, right?

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9. Develop a crush on the same guy

Fight about who is going to get him for a week then decide it’s not really not worth the time and go out for a coffee date with each other instead!

9 things to do with your best friend

10. Live together!

How do you truly know a person until you live with them? You’d be surprised by how the strongest friendships break by this much-awaited event in life and if your friendship makes it through then you’ve struck gold, haven’t you?

11. Plot may-day strategies

It’s important to decide who will eventually eat whom so that they can survive when the world comes to an end. Survival of the fittest, eh?

11 things to do with your best friend

12. Plot how to murder each other’s ex

They had it coming! It’s a good thing you never actually go through with your scarily detailed plans!

13. Start dieting together

How can you eat pizza when she’s eating a salad, right?! You are such great friends that you go on healthy diet plans and exercising schedules together to keep each other motivated!

13 things to do with your best friend

14. Give up dieting and order pizza together

Relax, no one’s judging…it’s a tough world out there filled with pizzas and cakes!

15. Be productive in each other’s company

Friendship is not always a walk in the park or a day at the movies. Sometimes, it’s also about sitting in one room quietly and finishing up that assignment due tomorrow!!

15 things to do with your best friend

16. Survive long-distance

Long-distance is a tough one to pull off not just for couples but also for friends. The thought of having your bestie a train or aeroplane ride away instead of a call away is horrifying! But, thanks to Skype and a little patience, you know you’ll get through it!

17. Refer to each other as “hubby” and “wifey” at least once

Admit it, if your bestie was of the opposite sex, you’d be married by now!

17 things to do with your best friend

18. Motivate each other, day in and day out

It’s only friendship responsibility #1 to scream “You go, girl!!” at the top of your voice every time your friend falls even a little short on her confidence.

19. Successfully plan a surprise party for them

Let’s focus on the word successful here. You have been friends for so long and been so close that it is actually difficult to keep a piece of information in, even if it is about their own surprise party! Pull one off and you actually level up in your friendship. Also, you can then brag about it for the rest of your life!

19 things to do with your best friend

20. Go on a double date…

…and spend more time talking to each other than your dates! Oops!

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21. Create a new language together

This might be a little far fetched but your eye-to-eye signs and inside jokes are a whole language of their own, aren’t they?

21 things to do with your best friend

22. Put your bestie’s needs above yours

It’s easy to turn a friendship about yourself. You never even realize when it turns into your needs and wants and what your bestie is doing for you. Ask not what your friend can do for you but what you can do for your friend! Sometimes it’s okay to share your limelight with the only person who shares theirs with you.

23. Forgive and forget

Remember that it’s only human to make mistakes. Your bestie is entitled to wrong decisions that might hurt you and so are you but it’s only true friendship when you learn to remain calm and forgive them.

23 things to do with your best friend

24. Create a full-fledged business model

Because seriously, the two of you together have the best ideas possible! And who knows where these tiny sparks of creativity might lead you?

25. Wonder why you never hang out with other people

Only to look at each other and burst out laughing because you know no one else could keep up with your weirdly awesome selves! *high-five*

25 things to do with your best friend

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