10 Insecurities You Should Leave Behind Once You Enter Your 20s

Sakshi BudhrajaSakshi Budhraja  |  Aug 11, 2016
10 Insecurities You Should Leave Behind Once You Enter Your 20s

You’re no more a teenager and so, all the drama and mind-numbing thought processes you had been dealing with as a high school girl, should be a thing of the past. If you don’t get what exactly we’re talking about, read on as we list out the insecurities we’ve all had in the past – and ones that you should leave behind once you enter your 20s.

1. “I shouldn’t get out of plans that my friends make, or our friendship won’t remain as tight as it has been.”

What has to last, will last anyway, sans the doubts and insecurities, girls. If your friendship is true, it will live through a few cancelled plans.

2. “I better know what I want to take up as a career NOW, or I’m doomed and will never be successful.”

You have ENOUGH time for that, so stop worrying yourself under this pressure. People don’t figure out what they want to do well into their 30s sometimes and still manage to be super successful once they do!

2 let go of the insecurities

3. “My bestie really shouldn’t be hanging out with that girl I don’t like. She’ll drift away from me if this continues.”

Come on! You cannot call someone your bestie and have this stress as well. Have faith in your friendship and her ability to make decisions for herself!

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4. “I just HAVE to be part of the cool gang so I can be popular in school, and college… ALWAYS!”

Popularity isn’t everything, even though it might seem like it. Also, popularity comes from doing great things, participating more, being helpful to others and all of those things too. Something to think about?

4 let go of the insecurities

5. “Everyone should always be happy with me.”

That is just not possible. You can’t please everyone, all the time. Give yourself a break, and focus on being happy with yourself.

6. “I’ve got to remain skinny COME WHAT MAY!”

That ain’t getting you nowhere, girls. Your health should be number 1 priority!

6 let go of the insecurities

7. My ex is giving that other girl way more attention that he should.

The ex is in the past now and so is everything he does. For a reason! To new beginnings, ladies.

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8. I believe others when they say I’m not good enough. Maybe I really am not that great.

Take our word for it – believing in yourself and loving who you are will go a long way. Besides, it makes life so much easier!

8 let go of the insecurities

9. I’ve just missed the bus in life – in EVERY possible way.

You’re barely just starting out in life! There are enough opportunities that’ll come your way, and you’ll have enough options to pick from.

10. “That girl from my class got into the best college, has an amazing boyfriend, and her life is just so PERFECT. Why don’t I get all this?!”

Heard of the idiom, “The grass is always greener on the other side”? More often than not, you have no idea about what others have going on in their lives, and making comparisons doesn’t help at all. Compete only with yourself and life will be so much brighter!

10 let go of the insecurities

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