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Things You Should Be Doing For Yourself As A Strong Independent Woman

Things You Should Be Doing For Yourself As A Strong Independent Woman

A strong woman is mighty powerful. She’s brave, she’s bold and she’s unafraid of whatever’s happening, or about to happen. She is willing to take on challenges and do things that truly make a difference. And the truth is, we’re all strong women no matter what we tell ourselves. We’ve all, at some time or the other, done something that has rightfully earned us that title. So while, I’m sure we’ve done a lot for others, it’s time we did a few things for ourselves that’ll help us be a little stronger and more confident in our daily lives. Here are a few things every strong and capable woman needs to do for herself.

1. Know The Power Of ‘No’

If used correctly and assertively, there is no word that sets your boundaries better than a simple ‘no’. Every strong woman, no matter what the situations at hand, knows her limits and says no whenever things are making her uncomfortable. So, use the power of ‘no’ and use it well!

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2. Bid Goodbye To Toxic Relationships

Friends, family or romantic partners – any relationship or person that does not serve you well and drains your energy is to be let go off. Relationships are supposed to be beneficial and good for the people involved. It’s supposed to build each other up and not make things toxic.


3. Plan Well

No, we’re not saying you need to plan out your entire life or have everything charted out. But, the key is to not go into a situation unprepared, no matter what life throws at you. Remember the mantra, ‘aim for the best, prepare for the worst’. 

4. Stand Up For Others

While every strong woman knows how to stand up for herself, it takes more than just courage to stand up for those who can’t do it for themselves. So it’s important to be a voice for those who don’t have one.

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5. Make The First Move

For far too long, women have been taught not to be aggressive when it comes to dating. But, why not? Go on, ask that cute guy out or kiss someone on the first date. Who cares what others think?


6. Own Your Sexuality

No matter what your sexual orientation, own it. No matter how you want to express it, whether by having lots of sex or none of it, it’s only your business and nobody else’s. So relax and you do you!

7. Cultivate Your Passions

If you’re passionate about something, it’s almost always worth your while to pursue it. So keep some time aside, every week or even every day, to work on what you truly love doing. Every strong woman knows that her passions will get her through the darkest of days! 

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8. Dress However You Want

No matter how you dress, there will always be somebody who won’t be comfortable with what you’re wearing. You could be too bold for someone, or too behenji-like for another. Do not even spend a moment thinking about what anyone has to say. All that matters is how you want to dress and how you want to express yourself.


9. Wear Sunscreen And Drink Water

Do you even know how important sunscreen is? Well, you should! It’s something you should never miss out on wearing every day, even in the winters. It’ll help protect from the damage caused by the sun, and especially slow down the ageing process. And I don’t even want to stress the importance of drinking enough water. It should already be a part of your daily routine.

10. Travel Well 

Travelling is not recreational, it’s educational. Every trip you take will teach you something and leave you with memories that no book or school can make up for. So, travel and travel well because these are the experiences you’re going to be talking about when you’re old.

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11. Do Something For Someone Who Can’t Return The Favour

It’s easy to do something for someone who has the power to return a favour; but, to do something for a person who you know will not be able to return the favour is true strength. So little acts of kindness for people are going to go a long way in making you feel good about yourself.


“Here’s to strong independent women. May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.”  

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05 Mar 2018

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