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Mom, I Burnt My Roti Again! 10 Things That Happen When You Start Living Alone

Mom, I Burnt My Roti Again! 10 Things That Happen When You Start Living Alone

As kids, growing up was all we wanted. Well, ‘coz we thought that being an adult would give us the freedom to do all those awesome things that we couldn’t do as kids. Cut to adult life, we can’t help but think about how wrong we were. Freedom and adulthood remain a far-fetched thought with our parents micro-managing our lives. They want us to behave responsibly. But when it comes to freedom, we go right back to being their young kids who don’t know a thing about the big, bad world out there. 

And in a situation like this, moving out of our homes for jobs or anything else can come as a blessing. It gives us a chance to make memories, experience and explore life. But moving out and living on your own for the first time can be really intimidating. There’s more to living alone than just walking around sans pyjamas and being your true-blue weird self. It comes with a lot of challenges that no one really tells you about. 

So, if you’re living alone for the very first time, you’ll find these instances relatable AF!

Excitement Level = 100!!!

There’s no way you can hide all the excitement about living on your own. Taking independent decisions without worrying about someone questioning or nagging at you can be thrilling at first. The keyword here is–at first. 


You’re Gonna Miss Home Sweet Home

While you’re happy about moving into your new abode, as the day comes closer you’ll 100% feel sad. Leaving your family, friends and home behind is not as easy as it seems. 

Decor Your Way

However, the plus side is you can decorate your room the way you like. You can finally put all those empty beer bottles to good use–paint them, fill them with fairy or led lights. You can do whatever you like!

Party? Nahh!

You made lots of plans, parties a lot with your friends but only for a few weeks. No kidding, but it does get boring after some time. And that’s when you’ll learn to enjoy your own company. 

OMG, Did I Really Move Out?

The first few days are going to be weird. You will have to do it all–finding your way around the new city, using public transport, and cleaning the house. 


Mummy, I Burnt The Roti Again!

From cooking to finances, you’ll be calling your parents for advice more often than you expected. Sometimes even 10 times a day!

You Start Doing Everything Like Your Mom

It won’t take you too long to start behaving like your mom. You’ll double, maybe even triple-check the door lock and gas cylinder ka knob. After all, this is all your responsibility now.

You Forget To Do A Lot Of Things

You often forget to pay your bijli ka bill or the internet bill or sometimes maybe even buying milk! There are days when drinking black tea is the only option you have!

Who’s Stealing All The Spoons And Forks?

When you move in, you may stock at least 100 spoons, forks and butter knives in your kitchen. But you’ll just never find one when you need it. 


Cleaning Your Room Is A Nightmare

Last but not the least, you always find your things where you left them. There’s no one to pick up those pants you left by the door in the morning.

You’ll make a lot of mistakes when you start to live on your own. But hey, learning is a huge part of growing up and being an adult.

BRB forgot to turn off the lights! 

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13 Apr 2021

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