Shower Karaoke & Funny Dance Moves: 7 Things All Girls Do When They're Alone At Home

Shower Karaoke & Funny Dance Moves: 7 Things All Girls Do When They're Alone At Home

While there's nothing wrong with sharing a home with your family, loved ones or your partner, but that one odd day when you're all alone at home is THE BEST thing ever. There's no denying that we all love some me-time every now and then. And it's a lot better when we have an entire house to ourselves. But that's probably 'coz we can do just about anything we want.

TBH, the concept of privacy and me-time is foreign to Indian families. So when we get some alone time, we make the most of it! The world may perceive women as graceful or calm or sophisticated, but we're far from that when we're alone at home. When we have our freedom and privacy at the same (and that's a truly sacred time), there are some funny and weird things that we enjoy doing (psst...sometimes it can be embarrassing too)!

1. Our Inner Superstar Comes Out To Play

No way we're going to find a better time to break into those sexy moves or sing that song like a popstar when there's no one looking. There's a superstar inside all of us! So, while you're having fun outside, we're probably having our own fashion show in the kitchen. 

2. Clothes? What?

If you thought we love our pajamas, you couldn't be more wrong. We love roaming around the house sans pajamas and being home alone means we can do that without worrying about anything at all! Also, we promise you we've buried our bras deep down where they can never be found again until someone comes home.

3. Food Is True Love

Yes, we love you but not more than that little alone time we get to hog on all the unhealthy food items and it's not a pretty sight. It's not like we can eat the way we want and make a mess when everyone is at home.

4. Horror Movies Turn Real

God forbid if we're left alone at night and we hear any sound at all. While we head out to investigate the sound, every nightmare and horror films we've watched is turning real in our heads and we've already imagined every possible scenario. 

5. Argument Rehearsal

We've imagined every argument we've ever lost and thought of what else we could've said to win it. And we've already rehearsed the upcoming arguments in the mirror so, be very careful 'coz we're all prepared to take you on! 

6. A L'il Social Media Stalking Never Hurt Anybody...

Social media becomes our best friend when we're alone at home. And it's not like we could find a better time to casually social-media stalk people!

7. Shower Time

Now that there's no one complaining about how long we take in the shower, we're going to be taking shamelessly long showers...with the bathroom door open! And of course, we'll be having a karaoke competition...with ourselves!

There's nothing better than being our true blue weird self when there's no one else at home!

Featured Image: Freepik