Ewww, KEECHAD! 17 Things You’ll Get If You Hate The Rains!

Sharon AlphonsoSharon Alphonso  |  May 5, 2016


There are two kinds of people in this world: those who genuinely love the rains, and those who absolutely DREAD it! For those people who can’t stand the heavenly showers, we KNOW how it feels. Here are 17 things you’ll TOTALLY relate to if you hate the rains!

1. Floating things. EVERYWHERE.

When you’re stuck in traffic, and water creeps into your auto, and brings with it bits and pieces of stuff from the naalas – EWWWWWW. THAT’S A DEAD ANIMAL RIGHT THERE.

hate rain

2. No matter how early you leave for office, you NEVER reach on time.

But then again, neither does your boss! #SmallMercies

3. Those freakin’ drivers whooshing past, playing “keechad keechad” with you…

WHY did I bother wearing pants today?! I am SO covered with mud no one would even have noticed.

hate rain

4. “Hey, I got those those tickets for… What, you can’t GO? Your ROOM is flooded?!”


5. In spite of wearing a raincoat, carrying an umbrella, wearing huge gumboots, you ALWAYS get drenched!

Umm… Dear Universe, ever thought of rewarding those who use protection?

hate rain

6. It’s not even winter, but it’s so cold every morning that your bones hurt!

Who ARE you crazy people voluntarily running around in the rain?

7. Rain falls downwards. Hair reaches upwards.

Hey, ever had that experience where you feel like your hair is trying to touch your umbrella? We have! F***ing humidity!

hate rain

8. Why is everything so leaky?! The ceiling, the windows…AAAAA!

Watching that damp patch spread across your wall totally gives you the CREEPS.

hate rain

9. Your clothes take, like, SEVEN days to dry after they’ve been washed.

And then there’s that HORRID wet-weather smell in your room. *Sprays self with perfume*

10. Thunderstorms. Lightning. Ugh, scary sh*t, man.

Dammit! Where’s that teddy bear when you need it the most?

hate rain

11. The 3G is ALWAYS gone!

And so is the bloody Wi-Fi at home. AND the blasted TV signal. Service providers, WTF?

12. Almost everything you touch during the rains is wet, cold and squishy.

And that’s NOT a good thing. Get your minds out of the gutter, people!

hate rain

13. Rain shoes can look really edible thanks to their jelly material and bright colours!

THEN WHY THE F*** YOU HURT SO MUCH? *Cries in a corner*

14. You always end up spending a bomb on rickshaws and cabs because it takes FOREVER to reach.

You have (very seriously) considered buying a boat. And also whether asking for a rain-related raise is a good idea.

15. You are convinced that you suffer from Dull Weather Syndrome!

Because the last time you checked, PMS didn’t last four months!

hate rain

16. There’s nothing that makes you feel happier than seeing the sun out after a rainy shower.

HELLO, sunshine!!! *All the feels*

17. If you had the choice to NEVER leave home during the monsoons, you would gladly take it!

Look, the rain is so pretty! *Shuts window*

hate rain

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