10 Things To NOT Do When Wearing Leggings!

Apoorva GuptaApoorva Gupta  |  Apr 4, 2017
10 Things To NOT Do When Wearing Leggings!


In a wardrobe full of awesomeness, what’s that one thing that every girl has? No rewards for guessing – the answer is leggings! Though they are super comfy and look great on everyone, there are certain mistakes that can ruin your look totally but unknowingly! And thus, we have a list of 10 things not to do while wearing leggings that will make a whole lot of difference to your entire look!

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1. Don’t wear them with crop tops!

Leggings stick to your body like skin due to their spandex fit, so it is advisable to wear them with with tops that are long enough to cover your butt. Otherwise the dire consequences could include walking around with a cameltoe on display!

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2. Visible panty lines are a big NO!

2 things not to do while wearing leggings

Wearing panties that are too tight (under your leggings) is a perfect recipe for a fashion disaster. They create visible panty lines and may even give you an unpleasant wedgie. To avoid such situations, you must always wear seamless panties under your leggings. They will keep you comfortable without any obvious and embarrassing panty lines.

3. Don’t wear leggings that gather at your ankles

Your leggings should ideally end right at your ankles. Leggings that stack up and gather can make you look disorderly and shabby. They bring down the overall appeal of the outfit. So make sure you always buy the right length for yourself.

4. Stay away from bright coloured undies!

4 things not to do while wearing leggings

Bright colours are easily visible under solid coloured leggings when stretched, as they are made of thin fabrics. Unless you want your orange panties greeting the world from under your black leggings, make sure you choose your panties according to the colour of your leggings.

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5. Don’t go over-the-top with prints and colours!

We suggest you start with basic black leggings as they are versatile and look good with everything. Also back is universally flattering, so it will hide all your problem areas. If you want to try different colours and prints, go ahead; just make sure to balance them out with a solid coloured top.

6. Don’t wear them with tight tops

6 things not to do while wearing leggings

For an outfit to look awesome, it is important to balance out your silhouettes. If you are wearing a fitted top, the bottoms should be kept loose and flowy and vice versa. Also wearing tight all over will give out an impression that you are trying too hard. So go easy on that and make sure to wear a breezy, long top over your leggings.

7. See through is a sin!

To avoid any disastrous wardrobe malfunctions, make sure you buy good quality leggings. They are usually made of thin fabrics, leading to high risk of going see through when stretched. Poor quality leggings also get holes and rips quite easily, which is something every girl hates.  

8. Don’t wear them to the gym

8 things not to do while wearing leggings

There’s a reason why yoga and gym pants are in the market. There is a certain amount of thickness and stretchability required in your gym clothes for you to exercise without feeling uncomfortable. Leggings on the other hand are made from thin fabrics that might get see through when you sweat. So make sure you invest in proper gym wear the next time!

9. Don’t treat them as your denims!

By this, we mean that you should never treat your leggings the same way as you do to your jeans. Jeans are comparatively a lot more durable and thicker and can easily be worn daily. You should never do that to your leggings as the material is not that durable and can easily tear off if worn daily!

10. Wrong shoes are a turn off!

10 things not to do while wearing leggings

It is really important to be careful about the choice of footwear when wearing leggings as the wrong shoes can make you look shorter and bulkier. As leggings are strictly casual, make sure you wear casual, relaxed footwear with them like sneakers, plimsolls and pretty bellies.

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