No Pants Party: The A-Z Of Pulling-Off Leggings Like A Pro For A Major Fashion Moment

No Pants Party: The A-Z Of Pulling-Off Leggings Like A Pro For A Major Fashion Moment

Before anyone decides to ride on their high horse and state that leggings aren’t pants, let us tell you this: they are not (we know, you guys) but they are just as good! Ever versatile and comfortable, leggings are one outfit option we will always be grateful for, and while the haters keep saying that leggings aren’t wearable outside the confines of your home, you can find out how to style them to fit in perfectly into your wardrobe. Also, they are super comfortable so trust us when we say that you wouldn't want to miss the opportunity of wearing a pair of leggings when you can. Before you move on to the happy realms of shopping the much-loved attire, it’s important that you know all there is to know about it. So sit back, read on, and then get to shopping for these comfy offerings!

Types Of Leggings

Dos And Don'ts Of Wearing Leggings

Best Type Of Fabric And Material For Leggings

Wearing According To Weather

Celebrities In Leggings

Types Of Leggings

1.Based On Length 

Full-length leggings:

The most popular and widely worn type of leggings, full-length leggings can be worn with almost any kind of attire. Wear them with kurtis and heavier Anarkalis if you wish to go the ethnic route, or pair them with a top or shirt of choice if a comfortable western ensemble is what you would rather wear.

Calf length leggings or 3/4th leggings:

As the name suggests, 3/4th leggings or calf length leggings have a shorter length and rest on the calf, typically ending up midway between the knee and the ankle. Sometimes also referred to as Capri leggings, calf length leggings can be worn with a variety of attires- tees, crop tops, sweatshirts and jackets to name a few.

Ankle length leggings:

Would you rather wear a pair of full-length leggings but without the hassle of adjusting and folding them in order to get the look? If your answer is yes, then you can rest assured for we know just the solution you need! Not only are ankle length leggings fuss-free and comfortable, but they also pair well with both western and traditional outfits to give you the desired look.

2.Based On Variations

Stirrup leggings:

The ‘it’ leggings of 2018 were undoubtedly the stirrup leggings. A smart take on the outfit, this type of leggings come with an attached strap-like structure which can be easily adjusted under your toe or even below the heels you are wearing with your leggings. These unconventional leggings do more than just provide numerous styling options; with stirrup leggings, you appear to be taller than your frame as the stirrup placed beneath your toe gives an elongated appearance to your height.


Simply put, treggings denote leggings that are made to appear like trousers, all thanks to the use of a thicker variety of fabric. Most often than not, treggings also incorporate details such as side zippers, front zippers and buttons-as trousers do- and it’s not uncommon for them to be referred to as skinny pants or pencil-fit pants. For all those who can’t wait to nail the formal look, treggings are the perfect trousers+leggings mix to keep you looking chic and feeling your comfy best.

3.Based On Style


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Athleisure-Inspired leggings:


Athleisure-inspired leggings are all the rage and there is certainly no denying it. Even though the trend has been in fashion for quite some time, athleisure-inspired leggings with side-tape details, contrasting panels and sporty elements are quite a street-style statement.

Printed leggings:

Yes, there is such a thing as printed leggings and no, it doesn’t have to be a pop, all-over print only. Printed panels mixed with solid colours, placement prints at the hem, or subtle all over prints can also be found in the category. Team your pick with a subtle top in a single colour so as not to create a clash of prints.

Embroidered leggings:



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Embroidery for the win? Yes, please! If you can’t seem to get enough of embroidered outfits in general (count us in too), the good news is that you can choose to wear embroidered leggings that will surely lend a distinctive appeal to your look. Pair your pick with chic tops or fashionable kurtis for the win.

Solid colour leggings:

Last but not the least, solid colour leggings are the cornerstone of fashionable leggings. Sure you may feel every now and then that a single colour in a legging isn’t worth a try, but remember that they lend themselves well to any outfit you may wish to wear, no matter whether it’s a maximal printed one or a subtle, minimal attire.

Dos And Don'ts Of Wearing Leggings


1.Style them with long tops

Unlike pants and jeans, leggings have a tendency of sticking to your skin, making for both an uncomfortable feeling and appearance. Given this attribute, it is best you pair them with tops that are longer in length. Oversized tops and cardigans look best with leggings as they balance out the overall look.

2.Experiment with other fabrics

Leggings come in a variety of different fabrics and designs, so it’s only fair that you give these varieties a try. Go for faux leather (more on it later) or suede, opting for the edgy way to change your style without being uncomfortable.

3.Wear the right shoes

Remember this: you have the freedom to experiment with your shoes while looking for footwear to team with leggings. Wear knee high boots when the chilly winds are blowing or slip on your comfiest moccasins or espadrilles in summer- just make sure your choice of shoes isn't too bulky.

4.Wear seamless underwear

The biggest fashion faux pas you should NEVER EVER be a victim of? Your panty line showing through. Make sure you are wearing seamless panties while donning your leggings to avoid a major fashion miscalculation.

5.Experiment with different styles

Wear prints, lace styles and panelled styles in leggings to up the fashion quotient. After all, experimenting is the one thing that will tell you how you like to wear them best!


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1.DON’T: Wear them with extremely tight tops

While there isn’t any harm if you wish to wear leggings with a cropped top, it’s advisable not to wear one with any kind of top that’s too tight. Leggings are skin-hugging and the spandex fit accentuates your butt and your pelvic region, so it’s best to balance the overlook by teaming them with a regular-sized or oversized shirt or tee.

2.DON’T: Go crazy over loud prints or colours

Unless you want to look like someone from a 1990s fitness video, we suggest you stay away from overtly neon and extra bold, coloured leggings. Coloured stockings may be a good alternative to wear underneath dresses, but the fabric used in leggings give them an extremely unflattering appearance if they are too loud in terms of prints and colours.

3.DON’T: Treat them as trousers or jeans

Whatever you do, do not wear your leggings as trousers or jeans. Because they’re not. As opposed to sturdy and stable denim and trousers, leggings are very delicate and simply cannot deal with everyday wear and tear the way jeans do.

4.DON’T: Wear thongs

Wearing thongs under your leggings is a supremely bad idea. The lycra elasticity of the leggings makes them hug your skin and wearing thongs might end up giving you an unpleasant wedgie. As mentioned earlier, always make sure you opt for seamless panties for a super-comfortable yet fashionable outing.

5.DON’T: Wear leggings stretched out of shape

Shapeless and faded leggings are going to flatter no one, so it’s best that you stay away from the worn-out leggings and make a statement with a fresh new pair instead.

Best Type Of Fabric And Material For Leggings


Easy to dry after a wash, comfortable and easy to slip into, cotton leggings are widely worn, paired with long tops, kurtis and more. A natural fibre derived from the cotton plant, the cotton fabric also happens to be one of the most popular fabrics


Used abundantly in sportswear outfits, spandex is known for its excellent properties that make it a wearable option. Not only can you stretch and exercise vigorously all you want, the fabric’s breathability also allows you to stay comfortable at all times.

3.Single Jersey and Lycra

Lying in the family of knitted fabrics and best known for their unparalleled stretch, resilience and ability to be draped, single jersey and lycra are widely used in the production of leggings. Be it solid colours pertaining to a single hue, a series of placement prints, overall print or embellishments, lycra and single jersey are a mainstay when it comes to picking suitable fabric for leggings.  



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Come winter, the sheer necessity to beat the chill in the air overpowers our sartorial choices at times, but with an attire that is apt for both braving the cold and making a statement, there needs to be no compromise made. Enter woollen leggings that are bound to keep you warm on a typical day when the mercury is dipping. What is more, you can also use it as an extra layer underneath your trouser, skirt or dress.

5.Vegan Leather

A sustainable and ethical option for leather has always been on the cards, and the arrival of vegan leather on the fashion scene has presented itself as an excellent option for anyone who wants to experience the edge. And if leather is something of a fashion fantasy, it's best to follow leading fashion houses and designers such as Burberry and Stella McCartney on giving up the use of real leather and instead choose a sustainable path that is eco-friendly and also innovative.

Wearing According To Weather


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How To Wear Leggings In Winter

For those cold winter days when all you want to do is sit at home with a cup of coffee and preferably wrap a blanket around yourself as an OOTD, leggings work more than fine. Don’t believe us? Well, sample this: a pair of warm leggings worn under your fashionable outfits such as a maxi skirt, a dress or even a pair of trousers saves you from the unbearable cold. And of course, since woollen leggings and faux leather leggings are OOTDs in themselves, you could always team them with your winter clothing and wear endlessly. Coming to style, opt for winter woollies, sweaters, overcoats and parkas to keep warm. Sounds good? We thought so!


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How To Wear Leggings In Summer

A mentioned earlier, cotton and knitted fabrics are the perfect choices when it comes to picking fabrics or materials for leggings and needless to say, they work wonders even in the sweltering heat. Since leggings are body-hugging, it’s rather important that the fabric allows your skin to breathe, keeping you comfortable even when the temperatures rise. In sync with this phenomenon, cotton and knitted fabrics prove to be excellent materials with breathability and a soft skin feel. Pair them with classic button-downs, oversized tees, in-vogue tops and tunics to make heads turn.

Wearing According To Occasion

How To Wear Leggings To Work

Layer, layer, layer! Never shy away from creating multiple layers in your ensemble when leggings are a part of it. High-low tops, shrugs, jackets and kaftans will do the trick for you.

However, if you would rather wear a single attire on top without going the extra length to layer, there are always tunics and long cardigans which form the perfect work-appropriate ensemble when paired with leggings.

Style your leggings as you would perhaps style your jeggings or skinny jeans- go for long maxi tops cinched at the waist, chic blouses and smart button-downs to pair with them.

Wear a well-tailored blazer or an overcoat on top of your outfit as you dress to impress.

How To Wear Leggings To A Casual Outing

Keep it casual with a slogan sweatshirt teamed with your favourite pair of leggings.

Nothing says comfort and style like a pair of smart sneakers. Don a pair of sneakers with leggings and you will be all set to step out for an outing.

A tee, an oversized shirt or a camisole are also some options to flaunt at an informal outing, so pair them with your trendy leggings for party or informal get together with friends.

To beat the winter chill in the cold, forgo chunky knits and you choose a parka or a varsity jacket to work an uber-cool look with leggings.


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How To Style Your Leggings

Go The Oversized Route

An extra large sweatshirt, a slightly baggy shirt, a boyfriend tee or billowing outerwear- oversized clothing rules when styled with leggings. Now the fact that a pair of leggings are skin-hugging is widely known, but also know this: teaming your skintight leggings with an oversized top of your selection will create an overall balance in your look, giving way to a win-win situation.

Team With A Sleek Blazer

Nothing works its charms for an office-appropriate look like a smart, well-tailored blazer. Whilst wearing a pair of leggings to work, pair your attire with a sleek, fitted blazer that leaves a mark, choosing to wear a shirt or a stylish tee underneath.

Work The Off-Duty Look

If you have ever worn a sweatshirt+leggings combo, you need no introduction to the casual off-duty look that is not only easy to pull off but fashionable and superbly comfortable. From running errands on a day off to simply lounging around with friends, pick this off-duty look and pair with your favourite sneakers for a comfy experience. Pro tip: It works great as a travel outfit too!

Pair With A Floral Dress

A floral dress is an outfit that comes extremely close to being a wardrobe staple, for most people at least. But if you are slightly bored of wearing the similar iterations, wear a pair of leggings in a solid colour with your floral dress to give your outfit a different spin.

Don A Shirt + Leggings Combo

What works best with a leggings you ask? A shirt, of course! Whether you choose to wear your leggings with a striped button-down or a plain coloured shirt with some frills and embellishments, it’s bound to be a win-win situation.

Flaunt Some Edgy (Faux) Leather

We have said it before and we will say it again- introduce some edge to your outfit! But if leather is what you have picked, make sure to give real leather a pass and opt for some faux leather instead. Faux or false leather is used to describe synthetic leather, and while real leather is made using animal skin, faux leather is synthetically treated and does not involve any animal brutality.

Celebrities In Leggings

The versatile attire that they are, our favourite celebrities too, are bound to have a weakness for the comfy outfit. To get some much-needed inspiration before you set out to shop for the perfect pair of leggings, we decided to get out hands on some pics of, you guessed it, celebrities in leggings. From the basic black sported by Alia Bhatt and Malaika Arora, to the grey versions worn by Gigi Hadid and Ananya Pandey, and of course not to miss those side-tape detailed leggings, courtesy Parineeti Chopra, there are plenty of styling options for inspiration. Scroll away!


Alia Bhatt


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Malaika Arora


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Ananya Panday


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Kareena Kapoor


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Parineeti Chopra


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Karlie Kloss



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Gigi Hadid


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