Things Men Wish Women Knew About Sex!

POPxo TeamPOPxo Team  |  May 6, 2016

Despite millions of years of sexual engagement with each other, men and women are still not on the same bandwidth when it comes to activities in the bed! Desire and pleasure might not always go hand in hand – and what one person in bed loves may not not be “‘hell YEAH” good for the other. Read on to find out things men wish women knew about sex!

1. The louder you are the better!  Loud sex trumps silent sex any day.

men wish women knew about sex

2. Contrary to popular belief, sex ISN’T the only thing on a guy’s mind all the time.

3. Many men love women who take charge and are active players in the whole act.

4. Never take their porn collection seriously, it has nothing to do with your relationship.

men wish women knew about sex

5. Even if he is a player, he will admit that the sex is better with a girl he really likes.

6. Experimentation, role play, fantasy – men love it when there woman is as open, curious and excited about sex as they are.

men wish women knew about sex

7. Just like women, men also love it when you praise their body and are also conscious about how they look in their birthday suit.

8. That a woman faking an orgasm just doesn’t make sense. If he doesn’t know it’s not working for you, he won’t be able to do anything about it!

men wish women knew about sex

9. Like women, men too like cuddling and spooning sometimes.

men wish women knew about sex

10. Men go weak in the knees when you talk dirty to them. And speaking his name out loud while you’re in the middle of a steamy makeout session is kinda hot.

men wish women knew about sex

11. They LOVE it when you tell them how good it feels and when they’re doing something right.

12. You don’t actually have to be naked to turn him on. Even the sight of your bare shoulders or a sliver of skin at your waist when your top rides up is enough to get those dirty thoughts going in his mind.

men wish women knew about sex

13. If he suddenly loses momentum in the middle of things, chances are it has nothing to do with you, and there’s something else weighing on his mind.

14. That the same things run through their head when they’re having sex: “Is this fine?” “Is she liking it?” “What does she think?”

men wish women knew about sex

15. He likes to take things slow sometimes as well.

men wish women knew about sex

16. Don’t make him feel like he has to beg and plead to have sex with you.

17. Sometimes he loves to give more than he loves to receive!

men wish women knew about sex

18. Men love it when a woman initiates sex – he doesn’t want to feel like he’s the only one who wants it!

Men may be from Mars, and women from Venus, but when it comes to things we want in bed, we aren’t all that different after all!

men wish women knew about sex


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