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11 Little Things Guys *Adore* About Their Girlfriends!

11 Little Things Guys *Adore* About Their Girlfriends!

When a man loves a woman…there are countless things about her that he adores! He may not be the best at putting them into words; but they pop up on his radar somewhere and he falls even more madly in love with his girl! So, what are some of these qualities that men secretly adore about women?! Find out now!

1. How you always laugh out loud!

Even if the joke isn’t great – seeing you laugh warms up his heart in the fuzziest way!

1 men secretly adore about women

2. The way you so effortlessly pull off his T-shirt

After all, that’s why he casually left it at yours! *Wink*

3. The fact that you always smell amazing

This one is backed up by science; whether it’s your body wash or perfume, trust us – they notice!

3 men secretly adore about women

4. How you can’t control those luscious locks

Guys melt inside when they see your hair flowing uncontrollably or when they see you playing with it! It sends signals to them that you like your hair too!

5. When you occasionally instigate mission ‘Let’s fool around’!

After all, he loves to feel desired too!

5 men secretly adore about women

6. How you check up on him

Like how you follow up about his headache or his man-flu… It makes him happy to know how much you care!

7. When he catches you checking him out

Even if it’s in an adoring way or you giving him a sneaky glance – he digs the attention!

7 men secretly adore about women

8. How comfortable you are with him

Whether that means you showing up without even your kajal on or letting him get to know you more!

9. That he has a friend in you

You get him to talk about his day and give him advice as well as hear out all his thoughts – it’s something he adores and appreciates more than you know!

9 men secretly adore about women

10. How you like to cuddle

Okay, so he might not like to do it the whole night, but he digs that you like to cuddle up to him at night and get all cosy and close to him!

11. That thing only you do

Like how your nose wrinkles ever so much when you smile or the fact that you get hiccups every time you drink a soda!

11 men secretly adore about women

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25 Jan 2017

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