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8 Things Guys Notice When They Meet A Girl For The FIRST Time

Just as we women notice pretty much everything there is to notice about a guy on our first date, men do too! They may NEVER bring such things up in conversation (‘coz who wants to risk a first date!), but deep down, they’ve already secretly checked you out a few times. Yes, we know, dating can be quite nerve-wracking! So, if you’re wondering what you need to have on-point to nail that first date, we list out 8 things that we know men notice when they first meet a girl!

1. The Way She Carries Herself

Men are attracted to women who know how to carry themselves with elan. A confident posture is interpreted as “sexy” by most men! So ladies, the next time to bump into a cute guy, make sure that you’ve got your posture right and your sexy on!

things guys notice about a girl

2. The Only Accessory That Matters…

Her smile. One of the few things a guy instantly notices about a girl is her smile. A genuine smile indicates happiness, optimism and friendliness, making him only more comfortable around you!

things guys notice about a girl

3. Pretty Peepers

Whoever said, eyes are the window to one’s soul, was not bluffing. Your eyes CAN communicate more than words. The way someone looks at you can tell you their intentions instantly. If he’s staring right into your eyes, know that he’s just trying to know more about you.

things guys notice about a girl

4. The Mane Issue

Believe it or not, men adore women with healthy hair. Hair do add dollops to your personality, and a man obviously notices that about you when he first meets you! If he’s been shifting his attention from your eyes to your hair, he’s probably mesmerized by it!

instant things guys notice about a girl

5. Can She Talk The Walk?

A girl who is able to hold a conversation is already attractive in a guy’s mind. The way she talks, the tone she uses to put her point across and her ability to keep the conversation flowing are a few things guys find very attractive!

things guys notice about a girl

6. Her Sense Of Style

A classy dresser has already bagged brownie points from his end. The way she dresses gives him a certain impression about the woman’s personality and preferences. Her ability to give an outfit personality AND be comfortable in it is what amazes him!

things guys notice about a girl

7. Nailed It!

Women are not the only ones who give attention to detail. Yes, men notice tiny things like your nails, especially when you’re meeting them for the first time! The way you’ve shaped and coloured your nails speaks volumes about your personality.

things guys notice about a girl

8. Foot Impression

How you maintain your feet is a thing a LOT of men notice, and care about. If a woman can look after her feet, she is someone who pays attention to detail and is meticulous about her hygiene – and that (believe it or not) is a quality men dig! Time to book that pedicure appointment, ladies!

things guys notice about a girl

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05 May 2016

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