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14 Things You Didn’t Know About Orgasms (But Totally Should!)

14 Things You Didn’t Know About Orgasms (But Totally Should!)

All of us would agree – one of the best things to have been gifted to us by nature are orgasms. You just feel like you’ve died and come back to life. No wonder then, it’s called ‘le petit mort’ in French that translates to ‘the little death’. Here are some things you did not know about orgasms…but totally should!

1. Orgasms can happen without genital stimulation

Seriously. They can happen anywhere – while on a train or on the treadmill or while getting a foot massage done or even in your sleep while dreaming. The reason could be the increased blood flow to the genitals and contact with the clitoris or even giving into your fantasies while doing something totally non-sexual.

2. Finding the G

If you (or your guy) know your G-spot well, it may improve the likelihood of a longer and stronger orgasm. If not, go find it!

3. It gets better with age

Like wine and all the other good things in life, the quality and frequency of orgasms only gets better as you get older. Now, isn’t that something to be happy about?


3 did not know about orgasms

4. Shake things up

Don’t stick to the routine. Break away and mix things up. Foreplay + vaginal sex + oral… That would pique the game up to a whole new level and bring you closer to an orgasm!

5. Your sexual self-esteem matters

What you feel about your genitals also affects the quality of your orgasms. And, trust us, if it’s healthy, it’s fine. So don’t worry too much things down there!

6. It can take a while…

For most women, reaching the climax takes longer and that’s perfectly okay. While it usually requires at least 20 minutes of sexual activity, it’s totally normal if you take more than that.


6 did not know about orgasms

7. Orgasms can be pain relievers

Next time you have a headache, you might not want to put off having sex. Science says, orgasms makes your body release oxytocin which can relieve all kinds of pain!

8. Condom or not – the quality won’t be affected

Whoever says condoms don’t make for good sex is definitely lying or just hasn’t had enough sex yet. Condoms don’t affect the chances of you having an orgasm during sex at all.

9. The climax trouble

If you have problems in having an orgasm, then you should know that you aren’t alone. About 1 in 3 women have a exact same problem…but that’s no reason to give up! Just go more research, try new positions and exploring your body until you get there!


9 did not know about orgasms

10. And it lasts for just about 20 seconds – max!

And usually, after that, it shuts down for up to an hour. But also, very occasionally, you might have multiple ones since, unlike men, women don’t experience a refractory period (a short while when they can’t get aroused) after an orgasm.

11. Make some noise

It really helps. Making a high-pitched noise helps you reach the top of your sexual peak – so go ahead, stop holding back those screams.

12. Women can fake them

No matter what the reasons are for a woman to want to fake an orgasm, the fact is, that it’s totally possible to do it.


12 did not know about orgasms

13. Being stressed will affect it

All that work or home stress you have been carrying in your mind will affect the quality of your orgasm as well. So try to relax and put the stress aside for a bit – you’ll be feeling much better soon because…

14. Orgasms will make you feel less stressed

Oxytocin, the chemical released into your brain after climaxing, is the one thing that will relax your mind. So just go for it, girl!

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28 Dec 2016

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