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#BFF(S): 17 Things You Get If You Have MORE Than One Bestie!

Gayatri SahayGayatri Sahay  |  May 5, 2016


Having a best friend is really the most important thing in the world! So, it’s no exaggeration when we say that having more than one of these #friendslikefamily means you have basically hit a jackpot! Here are 17 things that are all too real when you have more than one bestie!

1. You get an amazing set of presents on your birthday, and they are things you actually wanted!

Coz, hey – who knows you better than your BFF(s)?

2. You know what a good gossip session really means!

So many inputs, so many perspectives – so interesting!

many besties

3. Split-calling was basically invented for your group of friends

And if you can’t get hold of one of your homies, you’re more than happy to tell the ‘amazing thing that just happened to you’ story just one more time!

4. Your wardrobe choices have so much variety!

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many besties

5. But then when you forget something at one of your BFFs’ house, you have to make five phone calls to figure out where you left it!

“Do you have my straightener by any chance?”

6. People ask you, “But who’s your actual BESTEST friend?” You look at them with a look of horror and confusion

Like, what did you just say?!

many besties

7. You have an AMAZING extended family!

Your parents have pretty much adopted your whole brood of friends!

8. You have spent more than one occasion trying to figure out who will be whose maid of honour at each of your weddings.

And know that the system Monica devised in F.R.I.E.N.D.S is your only option.

many besties

9. But let’s be honest, your sangeet is going to be #epic!

your girls have got your back and each one of them knows which song you want them to dance to, and when to pull you up for that “surprise” group dance.

10. You have an already-assembled line of experts to handle any crush queries

“Okay, listen… this is what he texted. What should my reply be?”

many besties

11. You always have an amazing group of ladies to dance with when you’re out partying together

And all of you know when to take turns twirling, just in case that cute guy is looking!

12. You know you have an amazing group-costume idea ready for next Halloween

Hello! Mean Girls, Mariachi Band and even vintage Spice Girls!

many besties

13. Your group chat on WhatsApp is for your eyes only

If anyone outside of your group saw the string of messages, well…!

14. Your #groupfie game is on fleek!

No one clicks a better pic than you and your gals!

many besties

15. You and your #squad are all too happy to respond when someone asks, “Wait, so you have more than one best friend?”

Duh, don’t you?

16. You secretly wish that each of you have kids around the same time (when the time is right, of course)

So they all can be bestest friends, just like you guys.

many besties

17. You have the BEST support system in the world!

And can’t imagine life without even one of these amazing soul sisters!

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