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11 Things You’ll Get If Your Boyfriend Likes PDA!

11 Things You’ll Get If Your Boyfriend Likes PDA!

While it’s not as common as we would like (hint, hint), guys who love PDA do exist! And being with a guy who loves PDA has its advantages! Read on to see if these little gestures remind you of bae.. .!

1. Profile pic-ing

In this day and age, this is what counts as major PDA loving! So, if he has you in his profile picture, Instagrams that cute lunch date or even Snapchats pictures of you to his boys – you know he’s a PDAA: Public Display of Affection Addict!!

boyfriend who loves PDA

2. Leave you hangin?

Never. Whether you reach for a quick cuddle or a squeeze of his hand, this guy isn’t afraid to reciprocate the gesture!

3. Bear hugs, please!

These hugs were practically invented for your guy! So whenever you’re cold or feeling a little low, you know that you have two arms that will happily wrap themselves around you to brighten up your day!

boyfriend who loves PDA

4. Oops!! Makeout session alert!

Okay, so it’s true – your friends have caught you two making out at a party, ahem, on more than one occasion!!

5. That one incident…

You know, in the car, the one involving the cops (even though this time you two were legit just talking)…

boyfriend who loves PDA

6. Holding hands

…is never a big deal! Whether you’re at the mall, walking through the park or even just watching a movie – your hand always has a plus 1!

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7. The occasional cuddle…

Can always turn into something a little more! (And that’s not a big deal!!)

boyfriend who loves PDA

8. “Get a room!!!”

This is a phrase that may as well have been invented for you and your guy!! Oops!

9. “But what did you do? How did you get him to be like that?”

…is a question that has come your way before. Hey, it’s not you – that’s just bae, and you <3 him for it!

boyfriend who loves PDA

10. Evil eyes

Those glances and stares often come your way, but hey, you can’t help that people are just so damn J !

11. Wherever, whenever

He doesn’t care when or where he plants one on you – and that makes you feel pretty damn special!


You know you two gotta live abroad ‘cos as much as you love him…  Ain’t nobody gonna go to jail for doing THAT in public!!

boyfriend who loves PDA

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05 May 2016

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