15 AMAZING Things You Need To Be The ‘Cool Girl’ In College!

Srishti GuptaSrishti Gupta  |  Jun 15, 2017
15 AMAZING Things You Need To Be The ‘Cool Girl’ In College!


College is one of the most memorable times of all our lives! We’re just out of school and the new found freedom is quite the heady feeling. College is the time we all want to be seen as the ‘coolest kid on the block’! While most of the work will have to be done by you, some fun and cool products can definitely help you get there. Here are 15 amazing things every college girl needs, to be the ‘cool kid’.

1. Your Personal Assistant


This notebook will make everyone envious of you because of just how cute and on point it is. And isn’t it quite true to its words?

Price: ₹ 250. Buy it here.

2. Travel Diaries


This one is for every girl who wants to travel the world and see all that it has to offer. Plus, it’ll keep your precious laptop safe and make for a super interesting (and colourful) accessory!

Price: ₹ 995. Buy it here.

3. Backpackin’ To College


Backpacks are absolutely in style this season! This backpack from Fur Jaden is versatile and has the cutest tassels. Colour blocking in the smartest way ever!

Price: ₹ 1,700. Buy it here.

4. For All Ice Cream Lovers


This bag charm is downright adorable! Attach it to the bag’s zipper and everyone around you will admire this quirky little charm!

Price: ₹ 360. Buy it here.

5. Beige Beauties


These Ankle-strap sandals are perfect for this summer! The beautiful embroidery will add a pop of colour to even the most boring outfit!

Price: ₹ 1,199. Buy it here.

6. Glam Queen


This ‘Too Glam To Give A Damn’ phone cover is the stuff of dreams for our inner drama queen. This phone cover is going to put you on the cool list for sure!

Price: ₹ 550. Buy it here.

7. Super Cool Glasses


Who wouldn’t want to own this uber cool sunglasses to wear to college? You can strut into college feeling like a Bollywood diva! *Now channeling inner Poo from K3G*

Price: ₹ 799. Buy it here.

8. Keep It Organised


Every girl needs a little pouch in her bag to keep her stuff organised. This cute flat pouch with printed prisms will have all your essentials at one place and also everyone’s attention!

Price: ₹ 300. Buy it here.

9. Layered Blue Magic


This bohemian layered necklace with beads, tassels and metal charms can be paired perfectly with any outfit for college! It is super stylish and an instant attention grabber!

Price: ₹ 250. Buy it here.

10. Iron On Awesomeness


You can take a plain white T-shirt to the next level by ironing these patches on it. You’ll now have a unique tee that nobody else has!

Price: ₹ 390. Buy it here.

11. Sneaker Style


These cool Gold sneakers are a must have for every college girl. They’re comfy, versatile and oh-so-cute! Add instant drama to your casual outfit with these.

Price: ₹ 1,499. Buy it here.

12. Sparkle Like No Other


While this is a little on the expensive side price wise, this glittering personalised planner is the thing you need to stand out in the crowd! Also, who doesn’t love to have their name on a notebook?

Price: ₹ 1,500. Buy it here.

13. Cover It Up!


A cool pair of sunglasses needs a cool cover as well. This quirky and colourful sunglass cover has an adorable print, which will definitely make you the cool kid on the block!

Price: ₹ 524. Buy it here.

14. Keychain Cuteness


Use this ‘Awara Hoon’ Keychain for your boring old keys to add some fun and colour to them. Plus, don’t they totally stand out?

Price: ₹ 120. Buy it here.

15. Desi Girl Style


We all love to wear ethnic outfits to college! These two-toned jhumkas are perfect for those days when you want to add a pop to your outfits!

Price: ₹ 699. Buy it here.

Which of these are you buying today?