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19 Awesome Things You’ll Only Get If You’re A 90s Kid!

19 Awesome Things You’ll Only Get If You’re A 90s Kid!

Are you a 90’s kid? Do you distinctly remember a few things that defined your childhood? Whether it’s a cartoon you used to watch daily, a candy you loved or the 90’s trending gadgets. Here are some things every 90’s kid can associate with, these are sure to make you nostalgic.

1. Magic Pop Candy

Remember that yummy candy which would crackle when you put it in your mouth? With multiple flavours, it was indefinitely the most magical candy!

2. Warheads

Does fighting with your friends for your favourite flavour of the warhead candy sound familiar? The sweet and sour candy was known to give you a sudden rush a sourness.

3. Powerpuff Girls

Have you spent your Saturday mornings in your pyjamas watching The Powerpuff Girls? Which of the girls did you most identify with – Blossom, Bubbles or Buttercup?

3.90s kid  - powerpuff girls

4. Kismi Candy (Parle G)

Most of you might be unable to identify with the name. But the packing description would surely be of help, the famous Parle G rectangle-shaped candy packed in red, white and black, was a toffee characteristic of the 90’s!

5. Slap Bands

As kids, we all attended birthday parties where the slap on bands were filled in the pinatas. Sneakily carrying them to school and slapping them on to all your friend’s wrist. You all have been shouted at by your parents for using those slap on bands!

6. Super Mario

The 90’s had the BEST video games! Does hearing the Super Mario tune always make you nostalgic? Does it take you back to the times in school when you would spend your computer lessons playing Mario?

6  90s kid - super mario

7. Shoes With Wheels

Roaming over your house in the 90’s was quite easy! You could just put on your shoes with wheels and travel around. Wasn’t it just so convenient at the time?

8. Necklace And Bracelet Candy

Let’s throw it back to the time when wearing jewellery and eating candy coincided! The colourful beads of your necklace and bracelets were made in pastel shades and could be eaten at any time.

9. Lip Smackers

Have you had your lip smacker collection as a child? Collected all your favourite flavours and kept them aside to use carefully and show it off to your friends?

9 - 90s kid - lip smacker

10. Phantom Sweet Cigarettes

You all acted super cool by prancing around the house fake smoking the cigarette candy! If this wasn’t a part of your childhood you missed out on something major!

11. Hook Leggings

Oh, those annoying leggings, which your mom would force you to put under your foot, just so that your leggings don’t slip up. You all have definitely worn those through your childhood if you were a 90’s kid.

12.Game Boy

Rushing back home meant rushing to your Game Boys and video games to play the brick game! The background sound of the game was like music to your ears.

12- 90s kid  - gameboy

13. Hubba Bubba Tape Gum

Oooohhh… that Hubba Bubba Tape chewing gum had a different feel and taste altogether. Don’t you agree? The best part being you could eat as much gum as you wanted in one go!

14.  Crazy Balls

Remember those tiny balls which would not stop bouncing? They would touch the floor and the ceiling and you couldn’t control them. The crazy balls were a 90’s craze and picking them from a store was always fun!

15. Walkman

The ultimate solution to listen to your personal music on your headphones in the 90’s was having a walkman. Do you remember collecting audio cassettes of your most loved tracks to hear on the walkman?

15- 90s kid - walkman

16. Tiffins

The Cadbury chocolate-coated biscuits were the most irresistible in the 90’s! The chocolate would melt in your mouth and you couldn’t stop eating them! Don’t you really miss them now?

17. Fussen Gum

The 90’s was the time when you bought a chewing gum and got a tattoo in the wrapper! Was your reason for buying Fussen gum just the tattoo? Comparing the tattoos with your friends or siblings usually followed!

18. Cassettes

The only way to hear your favourite movie’s songs was through an audio cassette. You all have at some point used a pencil to fix you audio cassettes!

18- 90s kid - casettes

19. PC

The struggle of the big Windows screen was real! The bulky white colour Windows computer was so big and took up so much space. Going back to using those computers would indefinitely be a task for you now!

11 Jul 2017

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