14 Lies All Indian Kids Grow Up Hearing

14 Lies All Indian Kids Grow Up Hearing
Raising children is not an easy job. The easiest thing parents can do is to avoid sticky situations by simply lying to their kids! Here are 14 classic lies all Indian kids have grown up hearing!

1. “God puts babies into Mummy and Papa’s laps. That’s where babies come from.”

Babies come out of vaginas - just clearing that up!

lies Indian kids grow up hearing

2. “If you swallow fruit seeds, tiny little trees will start growing in your tummy.”

That is totally impossible!

3. “It’s not paneer, it’s egg bhurji!”

Oh, the lengths parents go to, to feed their kids nutritious food!

4. “Drinking one big glass of milk will make you super strong and tall!”

Only milk?

lies Indian kids grow up hearing

5. “Ear piercings don’t hurt at all!”

Oh they hurt like hell!

6. “Finish your holiday homework or you’re not going on vacation with us!”

A Home Alone kind of situation is hardly likely in Indian households! Although it would be fun.

lies Indian kids grow up hearing

7. “You don’t look like anyone in the family because we bought you from the shop.”

Such a mean thing to say to a child! Why do evil uncles and aunties say such things?

8. “Oh my little boy looks so cute in that frock!”

Cross dressing on unsuspecting kids is creepy. Period.

lies Indian kids grow up hearing

9. “Go to bed or I’ll go and call Police uncle to give you a few tight ones!”

If we actually pushed our parents to the limit by not sleeping on time, they never would have called Police uncle :P

10. “If you don’t stop misbehaving, I’ll send you to live with that scary aunty downstairs.”

It was probably tougher for them to part with you than the other way round.

11.“If you make funny faces, your face will get stuck like that.”

So not true. The only way your face will get frozen is thanks to a really bad botox job.

lies Indian kids grow up hearing

12. An injection is just like a pinch, you won’t even feel it!

Trust us, it does hurt!

13. If you cross your eyes, you will become cross-eyed!

Tried and tested, this one’s a classic myth.

14. We’re your parents, we would never lie to you!

This one is the mother of all lies!

lies Indian kids grow up hearing

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