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10 Things Boyfriends Say – Without Realizing They’re Compliments

10 Things Boyfriends Say – Without Realizing They’re Compliments

When the world is driving us crazy with its hows and whats and ifs and buts, our boyfriends can turn our day around by saying cute things that they don’t even realize are compliments. Here are just some of those sweet things…


1. When you went out with his friends and ended up being the miss congeniality for the evening…

“How come my friends always side with you?”

1 Things boyfriends say

2. When you go to a party together, after work and totally steal the show!

“Look at you! How do you not look as exhausted as the rest of us?”

3. When you plan for a vacation and he says…

“We would never even make it to the airport if all this planning was left up to me.”

3 Things boyfriends say

4. When you buy him a shirt that has the perfect colour and fit!

“I would have never bought anything in this colour. How did you know it would look this good on me?!”

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5. When you did nothing but tie your hair up in a messy bun!

“Were we supposed to dress up? We’re just going to the mall, right?”

5 Things boyfriends say

6. When you end up saving more than him at the end of the month…

“You MUST have a second job that you haven’t told me about. That has to be it.”

7. When you wore his not so favourite T-Shirt…

“Hahaha, no that isn’t mine. It can’t be. I don’t own anything that looks that good.”

7 Things boyfriends say

8. When he discusses his work problems with you and you give him some decent advice…

“You make it sound so easy! How I wish it could be you who had to explain this to my boss!”

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9. When he manages to peek inside your super organized cupboard…

“Have you not touched anything in this cupboard for years or are there tiny elves in there?”

9 Things boyfriends say

10. When he is talking to his friends and says…

“I have the coolest girlfriend. Honestly, I have no clue why people say it’s hard to keep your girlfriend happy!”

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11 Aug 2016

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