It’s Not Cheating! 6 Things Almost Everyone Gets Wrong About Open Relationships

ShivaniShivani  |  Nov 9, 2021
It’s Not Cheating! 6 Things Almost Everyone Gets Wrong About Open Relationships


Love is not one-size-fits-all! Every couple has their own love language and a unique way of doing things. In the last couple of years, people have gotten more experimental with their sexuality and relationships are evolving too. One type of relationship style that is getting a lot of buzz lately is an open relationship, but not many people understand the concept of open relationships.

An open relationship is basically the opposite of a monogamous relationship. It simply means a partnership in which the two partners aren’t exclusive and can date/hook up with other people. Of course, open relationships also vary in nature as some people think of it in purely sexual terms, whereas for some it is about emotional involvement too. 

Unfortunately, as talking about sex is still considered to be taboo by many (cause log kya kahenge?), there is a lot of misinformation about open relationships too.

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It is time to bust the myths about an open relationship and get to know more about them. So, here’s all that people have been getting wrong about open relationships:

‘It Is Just A Way To Spice Up A Dead Relationship’

Perhaps one of the biggest myths about an open relationship is people think of it as a solution to romantic woes. Let’s make one thing clear, an open relationship is not a quick fix for any relationship! In fact, only a relationship with a strong foundation can transform into an open relationship.

‘It Is Another Way To Avoid Commitment’

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Most of us are raised with the idea of ‘the one’ in life. The traditional ideas of monogamy are celebrated by pop culture and society but who’s to say that’s the right idea for everyone? People in an open relationship commit to each other! Sure, their idea of commitment might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it is theirs. From setting the ground rules to putting each other first, it is all about commitment.

‘It Is Just An Excuse For Cheating’

Let’s go over the basics one more time, open relationship doesn’t mean cheating! Cheating on someone means you are betraying their trust and going behind your partner’s back. Meanwhile, in an open relationship, you can explore your sexuality and kinks keeping your partner informed. More than that there is a strong foundation of trust in an open relationship. In fact, cheating is actually the exact opposite of being in an open relationship.

‘It Is Immoral’

Open relationships are all about consent and honesty. The idea of being in a monogamous relationship is not for everyone. So, instead of forcing people into loveless relationships or marriages, an open relationship provides the freedom to explore life. So, to all the judgemental people out there- it ain’t your business!

‘It Is Just About Sex’

More than anything, an open relationship is about honesty and communication. It isn’t an easy way out for people who can’t control their sex drive! It is about finding out what works for you and your partner. Sure, these relationships are complicated and messy as there are more people involved but it is not just about sex. It’s the freedom that is the foundation of an open relationship.

‘It Will Permanently Damage A Relationship’

Imagine you decided to dye your hair and you want to go blonde. Now, you tried the hair colour but you didn’t like it! So will you continue with the hair colour or stop? The answer is simple, you’ll stop as it is not working out for you. The same is the case with an open relationship! If it is not working out for you, then you can always go back to a monogamous arrangement. Just remember that communication is the key!

Open relationships are not better or worse than monogamous ones, but no one should be shamed for their choices!

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