#HappyTogether: 7 Things About Your Partner You Should Accept!

Nasrin ModakNasrin Modak  |  May 5, 2016


There is just so much about him you absolutely love, and of course, there are some things that make you wanna pull your hair out! We hate to burst your bubble, but that’s love! You two are different individuals, and certain habits of each other’s are bound to drive the other person up the wall. But with time, you realize that in the larger scheme of things, it is best not to fuss about trivial issues. We tell you a few things you shouldn’t bother fighting with him about, to be able to maintain peace and happiness in your relationship.

1. He forgets

Most men do. It’s time we stop making an issue out of it. Your cousin’s birthday or your friend’s cat’s name or your aunt’s anniversary party details – things he’s not interested in, he will never remember. So, don’t stress it.

Happy relationship 1

2. He is over-ambitious

Some men are. He scans through auto magazines to read up on the latest goings-on about his dream car, Ferrari, or he constantly talks about his visions of a downtown loft in Manhattan – no matter how distant his ambitions sound to you, be there. He’s sharing them with you because you mean a lot to him!

3. He is never motivated

Even after constantly prompting (read nagging) him to think big, he just can’t talk about things beyond his routine, and is completely satisfied with what he has. It’s okay, it’s HIS dream; not yours. Besides, being content with what you have early on in life is NOT a bad thing. Don’t force your dreams on him just because you two are in a relationship.

Happy relationship 3

4. He is impatient

So, he has that extra adrenaline rush in his head and can never stand still. He wants everything and he wants it NOW – it’s all right, some people are born like that, and you can hardly do anything to slow them down. Go easy.

5. He is late, always

Some men don’t understand the functioning of a clock. Their five minutes could be an hour, making you the one who ends up waiting, always. Instead of spending time and energy arguing about this – because you know from past experiences that it just won’t make a difference – learn to work around it. For instance, if you want to meet him at 6.30 pm, ask him to be there by 5.30 pm. As simple as that!

Happy relationship 5

6. He is constantly on the phone

Not just on calls, but scanning through FB and Twitter or reading articles. Like many, many others, he too is addicted to the phone, and no amount of nagging is going to help him rehabilitate. Find ways to keep him engaged with something else. A game of scrabble? Rerun of his favourite TV show? Bring it on!

7. He leaves it up to you to make plans

It’s nice that he lets you take charge, even though every once in a while you would also want him to surprise you with a special date, or with something nice, but he doesn’t. It’s OKAY – some men suck at making plans, so it’s actually good if he lets you do it. Make full use of it. 😉

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