These Fresh Floral Deodorants Are Made Of 90% Naturally-Derived Ingredients!

Ravina SachdevRavina Sachdev  |  Oct 14, 2021
These Fresh Floral Deodorants Are Made Of 90% Naturally-Derived Ingredients!


If you follow beauty influencers on the ‘gram, chances are you’ve come across the term ‘naturally-derived’ at least once.  Beauty enthusiasts have been on the lookout for nature-like freshness in their favourite products for quite some time now. Be it their skincare, haircare, or even deodorant for that matter. You’d be surprised to know – the last one is particularly high on many people’s lists. If you’ve also been on the lookout for a fresh fragrance, then we’ve got something major to share with you.

Intrigued? We’re talking about exciting new relaunches from our fave Yardley London. Their products have always been made using the finest ingredients and offer surreal, refreshing floral fragrances like English Lavender and English Rose. And now, the well-established brand has relaunched its deodorants for women and they are made of 90% naturally-derived ingredients.

All About Yardley’s Exciting New Deodorants

Yardley London, with 250 years of legacy in fine fragrances, has continually evolved to remain true and relevant across generations. It believes in inspiring women to showcase their true potential and step up to the best version of themselves. This is why they’ve relaunched their deodorants along with two interesting new fragrances. Whether you’re looking for a floral fragrance suited for the workplace or a fresh scent to wear for a night out— Yardley London, has got you covered.

Meet The New Face Of Yardley

We gotta say that we’re in love with Yardley’s relaunch and Kriti Sanon happens to agree with us. As the new brand ambassador for the brand, the actress shares her thoughts on the deodorants. She says, “Nature has its own way to light you up. Imagine if this feeling lingers all day long! That’s how soothing and refreshing Yardley is. I am really excited to jump into the floral world of Yardley London.”

Exciting Fragrances

Check out the two exciting new fragrances and the bestselling Morning Dew from Yardley London.

Scottish Meadows

Yardley Scottish Meadows brings you the floral freshness of wildflowers from Scotland. This body spray will wrap you in beautiful, delicate notes of daffodil and ylang-ylang, making you feel fresh all day long.

Spring Blossom

Love all things spring? We have just the fragrance for you! Yardley’s Spring Blossom will transport you to the sweet freshness of newly bloomed flowers at the onset of spring. The scent will keep you fragrant all day long with its exquisite notes of freesia and water iris, forming the perfect exotic floral fusion. If you ask us, this is the perfect fragrance to take you from that important board meeting to the cozy dinner date with bae later in the evening!

Shoutout To Morning Dew For Keeping Us Fresh All Day Long

If you’re looking for a fresh fragrance that lingers from morning through the day, then the bestselling fragrance Morning Dew is the one for you. The vibrant fragrance embraces white flowers like lily and frangipani, which round off with white musk.

Fresh AF

There is something magical about fresh flowers and their fragrance and they have a transformative effect on our mood and confidence. The all-new Yardley deos provide nature-like freshness all day. Talking about the relaunch, Manish Vyas, Business Head of Yardley India said, “Keeping this in mind, we came up with the campaign thought of nature-like freshness. As part of the relaunch, Yardley deodorants are now made of 90% naturally-derived* ingredients.”

If you need more incentive to get yourself a Yardley deodorant, then let us tell you that it’s quite pocket-friendly as well. Go ahead, order yourself a fragrance made from naturally-derived ingredients, and thank us later!

Disclaimer: Excluding propellant, at least 90% of the ingredients (by weight) have been naturally derived*

*This is a sponsored post for Yardley