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These Archana Gautam Videos From Bigg Boss 16 Are Sure To Leave You In Splits

These Archana Gautam Videos From Bigg Boss 16 Are Sure To Leave You In Splits

When it comes to the most annoying contestants of the Bigg Boss 16 house, Archana Gautam tops the list. But it seems like she has found her way into the audience’s hearts with hilarious antics. From asking Bigg Boss to not speak in English to troubling every single captain, Archana has given us some good laughter sessions. Well, we just discovered some epic videos of the BB 16 drama queen and you gotta watch them all. Scroll down:

Archana’s Acting Class

We are loving this unseen video of Archana taking an acting class with Ankit Gupta. They engage in funny banter while Priyanka & Soundarya play invisible girls.

Sajid-Archana’s Intense Fight

Archana taunting Sajid and calling him “good director in the industry” was epic. TBH, it takes guts and our girl has never lacked in the department.


The Iconic ‘Maar Maar Ke Mor’ Moment

If you’re a BB fan, your day must be incomplete without Archana’s daily dose of ‘maar maar ke mor bana dungi‘ and other quirky dialogues.

NGL, we love watching this unfiltered side of Archana. 

Stay tuned for more updates on BB 16.

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25 Nov 2022

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