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Silver Linings: Comforting Updates About COVID-19 That Will Give You Hope, Not Panic

Silver Linings: Comforting Updates About COVID-19 That Will Give You Hope, Not Panic

With the COVID-19 paranoia on the rise, it is the duty of every individual to practise social distancing, stay positive and not spread panic. There’s no denying that the deadly virus has claimed over 9,000 lives across 144 countries in the past few weeks, but there’s hope that we need to hold on to. Keeping that in mind, here are some comforting updates related to the coronavirus outbreak that’ll make you believe that there definitely is a silver lining to it all. 

No New Cases Reported In China


China, where the virus originated, has reported no new domestic cases of people infected with the novel coronavirus for the first time since December. This is being considered as a huge milestone, for a country that has already witnessed over 3,000 deaths due to COVID-19. Remember, Wuhan, the epicentre, has been under a strict lockdown since January.

A Possible Vaccine On The Way

Chinese scientists are hopeful of having inched a little closer towards fining a possible vaccine to the fatal virus. Scientists have found that the monkeys which they had infected with COVID-19 developed antibodies and therefore, effective immunity from the disease. This is being considered as a huge discovery in the race to develop a vaccine.

Newborn ‘Out Of Danger’

World’s youngest coronavirus victim in London is now out of danger and recovering. The infant was treated at North Middlesex while the mother was treated at a separate specialist infection hospital. The case had emerged after the child’s mother rushed to the hospital with a suspected case of pneumonia but was tested positive for COVID-19 instead.

103-Yr Old Recovers

While evidence suggests that people aged above 60 are the most susceptible to not recover from the virus, a 103-year-old woman in Iran has reportedly been cured of COVID-19 within a week. Reports indicate that she had been hospitalised in the central city of Semnan for about a week and was discharged after making a complete recovery.

Cheerful Masks Help Fight Virus

Cheerful face masks are being produced in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia to help combat the spread of novel coronavirus. The masks are printed with owls, dinosaurs, and cute monkeys. These DIY face masks for CoronaVirus are soon expected to find their way to the doctors in the city since the regular masks are currently out of stock.

Take a look at this video of the production unit of the Angel Baby company making joyful masks, which otherwise produces sleeping bags for little ones.

These updates have made us believe that there really is light at the end of the tunnel. We are all in this together, and we’ll come out stronger,

Featured Image: Twitter

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19 Mar 2020

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