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#ManiMonday: The Half-Dipped Nail Trend Has Taken The ‘Gram By Storm & We’re Here For It!

#ManiMonday: The Half-Dipped Nail Trend Has Taken The ‘Gram By Storm & We’re Here For It!

It’s DIY Mani Monday today and the nail trend we’ve selected for you is half-dips. Pretty obvious by the name, half-dips is a minimalist manicure trend that is super easy to do and can be wrapped up in less than 30 minutes! All you have to do is paint the nail from the halfway point up to its tip et voilà. What steals the show is the dividing line between the nail and the polish. You want the line to be crisp, defined, and precise. Oh, that’s a different kind of rush.

All About The Half-Dipped Nail Trend

For the nail colour bit, it’s up to you whether you want to play around with different colours or stick to one. Some cool colour combos to try are pear and lavender, turquoise and butter, mint green and baby pink – don’t be afraid to put your creativity to the test.

All Things Pastel

Aren’t these such happy colours? Take note of that orange, BTW! From all the colours, it’s the one that pops the loudest. We love!

Show Off That Glitter

Half-dips are a minimal manicure design but if you want to make a statement with them, then glitter is always an option. Plus, they give the illusion of longer nails *wink*.

Just Below The Curve

Even if you leave a tiny bit of space between the polish and the cuticle, that would look amazing too! Also, notice that this nail trend is not curved unlike the ones above that have a straight defined line–it’s cute and unique. Just like you!

Chrome All The Way

Chrome nail polish shades are a perfect way to draw attention to your manicure. Since it’s a loud colour by itself, tone it down with the second colour. Like in this case, it’s rose pink. How feminine-chic!

Like A Rainbow

Mix and match colours to give your manicure a personality. American model, Taylor Hill’s go-to manicure this month is half-dips and she’s pulling it off like a boss! Take cues, won’t you?

I don’t know about you but I love ’em half-dips. They’re so pretty and so easy that you don’t need to go to a nail salon to get this manicure done, you can do it yourself at home! Like mentioned earlier, you can either play with colours or stick to one, it all depends on what nail polish shades you have at home. Good luck!

Feature Image: Instagram

13 Jul 2020

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