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#ShaadiKeBaad: The Ultimate Honeymoon Packing Checklist For New Brides!

#ShaadiKeBaad: The Ultimate Honeymoon Packing Checklist For New Brides!

This story was updated in February 2019. Months and months of planning a wedding is as hectic and stressful as it is exciting. And when the wedding is done and dusted, you can unwind, relax and spend some quality time as newlyweds on – that’s right – your honeymoon! While it may seem like a molehill in front of the mountain that planning a wedding is, it is still a tricky task to plan your honeymoon. You might over pack or even worse, under pack. Another problematic situation is packing items that aren’t quite appropriate as per the destinations you’ve planned or not as stylish as you’d like them to be. It is your honeymoon, after all – it’s not just another trip. That is exactly the reason why we’ve prepared a fashion travel checklist for all the brides-to-be, which will make packing super easy and will help make your trip the best ever!

Honeymoon Packing Checklist

Now, you want your suitcase to be as diverse as possible without being unnecessarily heavy. Diverse, because, well… all the honeymoon photos – you don’t want to repeat outfits across destinations, do you? That being said, you can repeat a few items and still end up with a new outfit. So, here are all the essentials that you should pack at least one of:


Possibly the most important item on this honeymoon packing checklist is the lingerie. For all the intense and intimate nights you’re going to experience on the trip, you need to look and feel sexy, amirite? We’re going to help with the bare essentials you won’t regret packing:

Bra & Panty Sets

Ladies, trust us, there is nothing that feels better and that is more confidence-boosting than a pair of co-ordinated lingerie sets. Whether they’re lace or satin, padded or unpadded, pack as many of these as possible for your honeymoon. Of course, they should be as comfortable as they are sexy. 1-bra-panty-set-honeymoon-travel-checklist POPxo recommends: Scalloped Trim Tie Side Lingerie Set (Rs 518) by Shein


Nightwear sets

You’re the queen on your honeymoon and so, naturally, you deserve to sleep like one. Pack some naughty nightwear sets that’d make you feel like royalty and also score you some brownie points with your hubby. From PJs to teddies to rompers to cami+shorts sets, there’s so much to choose from! 2-pj-set-honeymoon-travel-checklist POPxo recommends: Ribbed Velvet Cami Top & Pants PJ Set (Rs 1,519) by Romwe


Your honeymoon picture album would feel incomplete without the perfect mix of dresses in it, wouldn’t it? There are so many reasons dresses need to be in your suitcase. One, they’re super easy to style; two, they’re feminine and flirty, three, you can wear them throughout the year. So, no matter how many destinations you’re covering, a dress can be worn in the cold, paired with tights and socks and also at the warmer spots.

Beach Dresses

Remember brides, floral prints, vibrant colours and flowy silhouettes in comfortable fabrics guarantee a good time in the sun. 3-dress-honeymoon-travel-checklist POPxo Recommends: Crêpe wrap dress (Rs 1,999) by H&M

All-Weather Dresses

Whether the weather is cold, whether the weather is hot… you can work these dresses and look super stylish as well. 4-all-weather-dress-honeymoon-travel-checklist POPxo recommends: Floral Print Dress (Rs 3,990) by Zara


Formal Dresses

For all those dreamy candle-lit date nights you need something that’ll make him catch his breath. 5-formal-dress-honeymoon-travel-checklist POPxo recommends: Surplice Cami Dress (Rs 1,599) by Forever21


Brides, when packing tops for your honeymoon, keep a good mix of statement and basic so you can mix and match as much as possible. Sometimes, you plan an outfit but you change your mind about it if the top does not match the pair of pants or skirt. So, a balanced selection is a smart idea. P.S. Do remember that basic tops can have statement details too, so don’t worry about being your stylish best.

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Statement Tops

Pair a more basic pair of pants, shorts or skirt with your statement tops to get it right every time. 6-statement-tee-honeymoon-travel-checklist POPxo recommends: Smart Shirting Blue Striped Shirt (Rs 630) by Lulu & Sky



Your basic tops will go with all your statement bottoms, so you can pair ‘em up however you like! 7-basic-shirt-honeymoon-travel-checklist POPxo recommends: You’re My Shining Armor Silver Cold-Shoulder Top (Rs 562) by Lulu & Sky

Formal Tops

Champagne brunches and fancy lunch dates call for stepping it up, don’t you think? 8-date-top-honeymoon-travel-checklist POPxo recommends: Written In My Sequins White Maxi Top (Rs 891) by Lulu & Sky


Coming to packing bottoms for your honeymoon travels, there are some that you don’t need to pack several of, such as jeans or basic pants in black, white or cream. That would save you a lot of space in your suitcase. As for the rest, you only pack one each.


Leggings are a must especially for your commute from one spot to the next. They’re comfy and stretchy and they’re easy to style – don’t forget to pack a pair or two in neutral shades, brides-to-be. 9-leggings-honeymoon-travel-checklist POPxo recommends: Women Black 3/4th Leggings (Rs 1,614)



A denim pair goes a long way. Whether it’s with a t-shirt or a strappy cami top, your jeans will go with most of your tops, even your statement numbers. Pack one or two pairs – we recommend a skinny or straight fit as they look good with all kinds of tops or tees. 10-skinny-jeans-honeymoon-travel-checklist POPxo recommends: Women Navy Blue Skinny Fit Mid-Rise Low Distress Stretchable Jeans (Rs 1,794)


You can skip these if a beach is not on your travel list but if it is, a pair of cute shorts is a whole mood. 11-shorts-honeymoon-travel-checklist POPxo recommends: Paper Bag Shorts (Rs 1,999) by H&M


Adding a skirt to your outfit adds a flirty, feminine vibe to a serious outfit. Also, skirts can be worn in cold weather as well, with tights or socks. And of course, skirts are great if you don’t feel like doing the whole putting-on-pants dance. Anti-pants squad FTW! 12-skirt-honeymoon-travel-checklist POPxo recommends: Seamed Mini Skirt (Rs 1,890) by Zara

Co-ord Pairs

If you’re a fan of jumpsuits but have decided to ditch them for your honeymoon trip (not a great idea for when you’re travelling), co-ord sets are a more stylish and practical substitute. An athleisure combination for the journey, a tropical print for the beach and a solid set for formal occasions – there’s a pair for every event and destination. 13-coord-honeymoon-travel-checklist POPxo recommends: Rib Knit Crop Top And Bodycon Skirt Set (Rs 1,296) by Shein



Travelling to the mountains or hills? Don’t forget to keep 3-4 light sweaters and cardigans in different prints and textures. When it comes to overcoats, keep them basic and try to pack only 1-2 since these are heavy. Also, it’s always a good idea to pack some medium-weight and lighter jackets for milder weather and your flights respectively.

Light Jackets/ Coats

You should have at least one no matter what. The weather has been known to have a mind of its own, amirite? So, a light jacket is a must-pack for the airport and days when it gets chilly. 14-light-jacket-honeymoon-travel-checklist POPxo recommends: Women Olive Green Solid Tailored Jacket (Rs 1,795) by Dorothy Perkins

Medium-Heavy Jackets/ Coats

A denim jacket is great if you want something medium-heavy to pack. Why? One, you can take it off if it gets warmer and two, it’s easy to pair with casual outfits. 27-denim-jacket-honeymoon-travel-checklist POPxo recommends: Women’s Blue Soft Wear Icon Denim Jacket (Rs 2,799) by GAP

Heavy Jackets/ Coats

For the mountains, try packing warm coats that are neutral shades but have a statement detail such as faux fur or interesting texture. 26-parka-honeymoon-travel-checklist POPxo recommends: Women Black Hooded Parka Coat (Rs 2,299) by Dressberry



An outfit isn’t complete unless you add a bag to it, is it? Moreover, your bags carry your day-to-day essentials and so, your honeymoon packing checklist needs a selection of worthy bags. Also keep in mind that bags can be heavy and do take up space, so pack pieces that match as many outfits as possible.


At least one spacious tote bag needs to tag along with you on your honeymoon, brides. The great thing is that you can just carry yours as part of your airport OOTD (you don’t have to pack it) – that’s when you need it the most anyway. 15-tote-honeymoon-travel-checklist POPxo recommends: Tassel Decor PU Bag (Rs 988) by Shein

Day Bags

You’re going to be carrying it all day and so, spacious shoulder bags with a crossbody strap is the way to go. 16-shoulder-bag-honeymoon-travel-checklist POPxo recommends: Embroidery Detail Cat Shaped Design Shoulder Bag (Rs 979) by Shein

Evening Bags

Because your bag needs to elevate your fancy outfits to the next level. 17-evening-bag-honeymoon-travel-checklist POPxo recommends: Kiss Lock Sequins Decor Chain Bag (Rs 892) by Shein



The shoes you pack for your honeymoon might take up a whole bag on their own if you’re not careful, ladies! So, pick out stylish shoes that will go with as many looks as possible. We also recommend packing more flats and fewer heels (1 pair only) so you’re comfy all day every day! P.S. Pack a pair of boots only if you’re going somewhere it’s single digit temperature, please…


Whether you’re honeymooning at a beach or in the city, a pair of metallic flats will match your outfits perfectly. 18-flats-honeymoon-travel-checklist POPxo recommends: Women Pink Solid Open Toe Flats (Rs 919) by Dressberry


Anything with a platform heel is your friend. 19-platform-heels-honeymoon-travel-checklist POPxo recommends: Women Red Solid Sandals (Rs 1,794) by Truffle Collection

Sliders/ Flip Flops

For days spent on the sand, under the sun. 20-sliders-honeymoon-travel-checklist POPxo recommendations: Women Bronze-Toned Benassi Sliders (Rs 1,946) by Nike



For the airport and days with a lot of sightseeing! 21-sneakers-honeymoon-travel-checklist POPxo recommends: Women White Sneakers (Rs 1,139) by Mast & Harbour

Other Accessories

These little items are important to have on a honeymoon packing checklist. Ladies, your accessories can be your saviours on a bad day and be the stars on a good day. So, don’t forget these:

Hats And Headbands

Choose according to the list of destinations you’re travelling to. 22-headband-honeymoon-travel-checklist POPxo recommends: Polka Dot Pattern Headband With Rabbit Ear (Rs 122) by Shein


One statement belt needs to find a spot in that suitcase, brides. 23-belts-honeymoon-travel-checklist POPxo recommends: Engraved Double Buckle Belt (Rs 1,790) by Zara



You can skip the necklaces but a pair of earrings with each OOTD is essential, ladies. They can turn an outfit around. 24-earrings-honeymoon-travel-checklist POPxo recommends: 2 Pairs Earrings (Rs 799) by H&M


These are light, so carry as many cool pairs as possible! Especially since there are so many retro styles to choose from. 25-sunglasses-honeymoon-travel-checklist POPxo recommends: Flat Lens Sunglasses (Rs 248) by Shein Wait, ladies. There’s more. Before you catch that flight and leave everyone behind, make sure you tick these general items off your honeymoon packing checklist too:

Good Makeup

Good makeup and quality products are just as important as your pretty clothes. Make sure you have the following in your beauty kit to look stunning both inside and outside pictures: Primer: To not prime is a crime. It is probable that you would be spending most of your time out of doors enjoying the sun, shopping or simply exploring. A good primer forms a smooth base for your makeup and helps it stay in place without making it crease or wear out with sweat or heat during the day. Concealer: It is a saviour for those days when an angry zit pops on your face or to cover up those under eye circles. Choose a shade closest to your skin tone for best results and coverage. Foundation: A must-have for that newlywed glow. Choose a colour which is one shade lighter than your skin tone to instantly brighten up your face. All-In-One Colour Palette: This is your best bet for makeup and touch ups while travelling. Pick a makeup kit which is divided into sections with lip colours, eye shadows and blush. Eye Makeup: An eyeliner, kohl pencil and mascara are the absolute basics which you must have in your beauty kit. Go for waterproof and smudge-proof options to avoid ending up with panda eyes after a long day.

Your Camera

So you packed everything for the most romantic trip of your life, except your camera. Although most smartphones today have built-in cameras, none match the quality of pictures clicked with a professional or even a digital camera with a good lens and pixel quality. Wouldn’t it be a shame to have blurred memories?


A Toiletries Kit

Be prepared for the unforeseen! Carry a kit with everything necessary to maintain your hygiene and grooming. Check the following off your list:

  • Sanitary napkins and/or tampons
  • Razor or hair removal cream (for the nasty small hair that crops up so soon after your visit to the parlour)
  • Tweezers (for unwanted facial hair)
  • Earbuds
  • Scented body butter
  • Scented body wash

honeymoon packing checklist Banner Teal

An Amazing Perfume

To keep you fresh throughout the day and to turn him on at night! 😉

A Portable Speaker

So that you can dance to your favourite song in your hotel room without anyone judging you or play your favourite romantic number to set the mood while you make love to each other at night. honeymoon packing checklist


A Bubble Bath Kit

Just in case the hotel does not provide you with an exquisite bath kit, carry your own bubble bath and salts to draw that perfect bath. Enjoy each other’s company lying and kissing in the tub with champagne by your side. Could it be more romantic!

Global Chip Credit/Debit Card

Last but not the least, if you are planning to travel outside India, make sure to get your Indian credit/debit card converted into a global chip card which will work at all foreign ATMs without any transaction charges. It’s certainly safer and better than carrying loads of Forex and travellers’ cheques. GIFs: Tumblr, Giphy

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