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Big Boobs vs Small Boobs: Here’s What We REALLY Think!

Big Boobs vs Small Boobs: Here’s What We REALLY Think!

There are two types of women in this world, those who are blessed with big boobs and those with small ones. Regardless of what your bust size may be, understand, that your body is a piece of art. There are perks to both of them. Who do you think has it better between girls with big boobs and girls with small boobs? Read on to find out, ladies!

1. Bra Shopping

Girl With Small Boobs: Lacy, printed, push ups, sport, convertibles bras, you name it, we can pull all of them off like a boss! The cuter the bra, the prettier we feel inside. 😉

big boobs and small boobs 1

Girl With Big Boobs: A bigger size means less fluff, and more function. We may not get the cutest bras in our size, but who really cares about the bra, when you are a great size! *Wink*

big boobs and small boobs 1

2. Exercising Be Like?

Girl With Small Boobs: Apart from the weights we lift, we hardly feel the pinch. Not to forget the variety of colours and pretty printed sports bras we get to choose from. It’s like we’re used to working out in style. Hell yeah!

Girl With Big Boobs: Exercising can be a bit tedious with big boobs, but you actually get to use all those sports bras you spend so much money on!

3. Think about going braless?!

Girl With Small Boobs: Wearing a bra and not wearing a bra doesn’t make much of a major difference, if you ask us. Unless we’re thrown in the cold! That’s when stuff gets real…

big boobs and small boobs

Girl With Big Boobs: There is no way we can even think of going braless. You’re kidding, right? Only if you’re OK with perverts. And they hurt at top – yes, that’s a thing!

big boobs and small boobs

4. Boob Jokes

Girl With Small Boobs: We get ragged all the time. But, you know what they say, ehh? Haters gonna hate. So, put your shades on and do your thang!

Girl With Big Boobs: The famous juicy, juicy mangoes joke, yeah…. we get that all the time! (We also know you secretly envy us for having them.) 😉

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5. What About Posture?

Girl With Small Boobs: What about it? Upright and chin up! Whether we’re running or sitting, there is no weight dragging us down, nor do we have to worry about looking slouchy at times.

Girl With Big Boobs: Yes, yes, sometimes our backs actually hurt because of the weight of our lovely boobs. But hello, it’s totally worth it given how flattering bodycons look on us. 😉

6. What’s It Like Sleeping On Your Tummy?

Girl With Small Boobs: Sleeping on our tummy makes us feel good. Actually sleeping in any position makes us feel heavenly.

big boobs and small boobs

Girl With Big Boobs: Painful!! Have to shift sides all the time. You have two pillows on your chest. 😛

big boobs and small boobs

7. Flaunting Them In Style?

Girl With Small Boobs: You know all those deep necks and slinky halters and other sexy items? We don’t need to worry about any wardrobe malfunctions ever! 😀

Girl With Big Boobs: No matter what we’re wearing, it’s usually not the outfit that has all eyes on us! 😉 😛

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05 May 2016

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