Let The Stars Decide: The Best Beauty Product According To Your Zodiac Sign

Sharon AlphonsoSharon Alphonso  |  Feb 27, 2020
Let The Stars Decide: The Best Beauty Product According To Your Zodiac Sign


I don’t know about you, but astrology fascinates me. The stars have the power to describe our personalities, help us understand our emotions and take a call on the latest fashion and beauty trends that would work for us. Speaking of beauty, while there are a zillion makeup trends and products out there, only a handful would do justice to a star sign’s character and temperament! Keeping your natural element (That’s air, water, fire and earth) in mind, allow me to bring you one step closer to finding your true beauty BFF.

The Best Beauty Products Based On Your Zodiac Sign

This list is gonna make you scream, “I want them ALL!”

Aries – Ball of Fire

Aries can’t be tamed. They’re a ball of fire and their only aim is to aim high. They will bulldoze over anyone who tries to put their fire out. They’re brewing with energy and oozing with charisma – often making them the talk of the town. This eyeshadow palette from Makeup Revolution has all the strong colours that will help to accentuate their features in the most confident way possible.

Taurus – The Conscious Shopper

Taurus is very careful and mindful of what they put on their skin. They want to use ingredients that benefit their skin and keep their complexion healthy and radiant. Most of them have a soft corner for not just those around them, but nature too. Hence, they’ll love products from The Conscious Chemist which are loaded with natural ingredients.

Gemini – The Best of Both Worlds

Anything with colour and glitter gets a Gemini all excited! Hence the shimmery blush. Gemini’s are also known to be a pro at effective communication and when they do, it often starts and ends with a smile. This cutesy blush from Too Faced will totally make those cheeks pop!

Cancer – Everyday Is Spa Day

Most Cancerians like to spend their time indoors with a hot cup of tea, good book and soft music. They love pampering themselves and making themselves look and feel good. Coming home after work and slapping on a sheet mask (Like these from The Face Shop) on is one the most relaxing and hard work-rewarding beauty treatments they can do for themselves. 

Leo – The Wild One

Almost every Leo has a love-hate relationship with their mane. If it were their way, they’d like to have good hair days for the rest of their life! Luckily, I found this POPxo hair care product combo that will act as weapons when fighting dry, frizzy hair. The shampoo is infused with coconut milk and green apple to add moisture to locks and the conditioner adds lustre and shine to dull, boring hair. 

Virgo – The Perfectionist

Virgos take excellent care of themselves and those around them. They’re prim, proper and oh-so-perfect that it makes most people feel rather envious about them. Self-care is a priority to them and it’s their skin that usually gets all the love and attention. If you have to gift them something, let it be this lovely Micro-Essence from L’Oreal. It will make their skin look moisturised, radiant and flawless!

Libra – Ms Fancy Pants

Librans secretly love all things pretty. If you step into their bathroom, you will see shelves and shelves loaded with expensive skincare products. They love the luxe life and dazzling through the night! This body and face highlighter by Manish Malhotra for MyGlamm is perfect for their flirty perso

Scorpio – That Sultry Goddess

Scorpions always take the effort to look attractive. Sometimes playing with loud makeup and other times, keeping it subtle, but flirty. The NARS Orgasm Blush will add that flush of glowy pink tint to their cheeks and in return, fetch them plenty of sweet compliments. 

Saggitarius – Keepin’ It Bare Minimum

Saggitarius has a clean and aesthetic approach to beauty. They don’t hoard makeup, but what they keep with them are the cult products. A lip gloss that doesn’t just add shine and soft colour to the pout, but also nourishes and moisturises it with oil – similar to this one from Bobbi Brown. 

Capricorn – Tiny Details Count

Capricorns pay a hell lot of attention to the tiniest of things. Take their nails for example. You’ll never find a Capricorn that has chipped or uneven nails. Fresh coats of manicure, perfectly shaped edges – their nails are always on point! Try Sugar Cosmetic’s Tip Tac Toe Nail Lacquer – 046 To Taupe It All – and your eyes would be in for a visual treat. 

Pisces – Self-Care = Self-Love

Pisceans have a relationship with water. It makes them feel calm, collected and energised. When they’re stressed and tired, they heal themselves by taking a long, hot bath. This coffee body scrub from POPxo would make their bathing experience richer and energising. 

Aquarius – Beauty Sleep, Please?

If there’s one thing an Aquarius craves the most, it would be beauty rest. They take it quite seriously by doing a nighttime beauty routine before hitting the sack et all. This beauty sleeping mask from Laneige is something they will treasure as it will repair their skin when they’re too busy catching the Zzzs.

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