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A Guide To The Top Maternity Fashion Tips That Will Make You Go ‘Baby, Baby, Baby, Oh’

A Guide To The Top Maternity Fashion Tips That Will Make You Go ‘Baby, Baby, Baby, Oh’

Whether you are planning to be a mom or already a mom-to-be, chic and on-point maternity fashion is something you just cannot ignore. But how do you manage your pregnancy fashion to appear stylish whilst staying comfortable? Before you start to worry, let us tell you that we’ve got you covered. From breathable fabrics and fashionable pregnancy outfits to maternity styling tips and the much-needed celebrity inspiration, we got it all. Keep scrolling!

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Wardrobe Must-Haves

It goes without saying that pregnancy fashion or maternity fashion is first and foremost about comfortable pregnancy outfits. Of course, style is inclusive, but you need to make sure that you like and get that ‘feel good’ factor in whatever you choose to wear. Which brings us to our curated list of items – few wardrobe must-haves which will have you sailing smoothly in the maternity style department.

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Breathable Fabrics

Be it knitted fabrics or woven ones, fabrics that allow your body to breathe freely are a must. Luckily, there are plenty of fabrics, ranging from single jersey and pique to cotton and linen, that do the trick. Blended fabrics too (though synthetic) resist heat, keeping you super comfortable.

Stretchable Fabrics

You will have noticed that some fabrics have more stretch than others, allowing you to accommodate better and feel easier than you would in a non-stretchable garment. Knitted fabrics such as single jersey, lycra. spandex and pique which are used prevalently in t-shirts, leggings, innerwear and sportswear depending on where they fit in, have a high amount of stretch. Stretch velvet, neoprene, stretch lace and stretch denim also have a fair amount of stretch in them, making for comfortable clothing when used in pregnancy outfits to elevate your maternity style. Not to forget, providing comfort too!


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Breezy Silhouettes

A-line and empire silhouettes and voluminous sleeves are few of the numerous examples of breezy silhouettes that will allow you to take your maternity fashion up by a notch while also being equally relaxed. Pick pregnancy outfits pertaining to these silhouettes for a fuss-free maternity style.

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Elastic Waistbands

Utility is a key factor is maternity fashion, which is where elastic waistbands come in. It is likely that you will already be aware of the comfort factor that elastic waistbands bring with them, giving you reason enough to include them in the pregnancy outfits that make up your maternity fashion.


Baby Shower Dresses

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Layering Techniques

Layering plays an important role in your maternity style. Not only does it keep you cosy when required but it is also a great technique when it comes to showing off your maternity style. Wear a light shrug or a cape in summer and work jackets, coats and blazers during winter. Also, you could leave a piece of your chosen pregnancy outfits undone to be kept comfortable.

Maternity Bras

During pregnancy, your body grows bigger than usual, and accommodating it to take care of it is of utmost importance. While maternity style is essential, it is also necessary to look into comfortable lingerie choices. Needless to say, maternity bras are a must-have, but when buying one, take into account that it doesn’t have an underwire, is flexible and supportive, provides good coverage, includes soft cups to avoid chafing and thicker straps for more support.


Cosy Knits

Come winter, you will also need to include cosy knits in your maternity fashion to keep warm while also appearing stylish. If you wish to, shop for oversized knits, front open cardigans and shawls or stoles to help you beat the chill in the air.

Comfortable Pregnancy Outfits 

We have said it before and we will say it again- you shouldn’t be sacrificing comfort for anything while choosing pregnancy outfits to wear. Maternity style is important, but you need to be your relaxed self in order to function. Here are some pregnancy outfits that help you uplift your maternity fashion while keeping comfort close.

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Maternity Jeans

With your body changing at a rapid pace, a pair of maternity jeans or maternity pants could be your saviours. The jeans accommodate your frame, whilst allowing you to work your pregnancy fashion and elevate your maternity style as you desire.


Comfy Leggings

Nothing beats the comfort and style quotient of a pair of leggings. After all, they are stretchable, relaxed, stylish and make for one of the best pregnancy outfits. From printed and athleisure-inspired to embroidered leggings and treggings, know the A-Z of it here.

Oversized Clothing

Oversized apparel is a boon in disguise. With its interesting fall and drape and snug appearance, oversized t-shirts, tops, blouses and even sweaters, make for great pregnancy outfits.

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Tunics for the win? Yes, please! The A-line silhouette and the breathability factor of a tunic are assured winners when it comes to creating an impeccable maternity style. Opt for one of the most relaxing pregnancy outfits, i.e the tunic and you will never have to look back!


Comfortable Footwear

Don’t let anyone deter you from wearing heels if you want to. But if comfortable footwear is your option of choice, opt for sneakers, flats, mules and sleek sandals that are bound to work wonders with your pregnancy outfits.

Clothes To Flaunt Your Bump

If pregnancy outfits that flaunt your bump and uplift your maternity style are what you have on your mind, read on for the details.

Wrap Dresses

Comfortable, stylish and striking, wrap dresses are one of the most fashion-forward pregnancy outfits to bank on. The layers and the tie-details of wrap dresses make them a favourable option for maternity fashion.

Bodycon Dresses

Bodycon dresses in stretchable and breathable fabrics are something you can opt for if you wish to flaunt your bump. Layer it with an unbuttoned coat to add to your pregnancy fashion.  


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Shift Dresses

A shift dress is one that hangs straight from the shoulders to the hem, giving you the benefit of ease and elevating your maternity fashion at the same time. For unparalleled pregnancy fashion and maternity style, opt for a classic shift dress in the colour of your choice as you flaunt your baby bump.


Maxi skirts, A-line skirts, pleated skirts and mini skirts, to name a few, are all perfect for winning maternity fashion whilst flaunting your bump. Opt for either of these pregnancy outfits, teaming them with suave tops and patterned blouses for a striking maternity style.

A-Line Shirts

Not only are button downs stylish but they are also timeless and never go out of fashion. Pick one of your choice and step out looking effortlessly striking as you flaunt your baby bump and a chic maternity style.


When To Shop For Pregnancy Outfits

All being said and done about maternity style and pregnancy fashion, how can you be sure when to shop for pregnancy outfits that are required in your wardrobe? Different pregnancies have different traits, but just to be sure to be aware of when to shop, here are few factors to keep in mind.

1. Your body is bound to grow, though the pace may vary depending on your pregnancy. If you are not feeling too comfortable in your current ensembles and feel the urge to be free, it’s time to look for pregnancy outfits that fit.

2. If the need to unbutton your jeans creeps in every now and then, it’s best to start looking for a pair of maternity jeans.

3. When buttoning tops and blouses start to become difficult, pregnancy outfits are slated to come in the picture.


4. You would rather go fuss-free and wear something stretchy, and if that is the feeling that you are aiming for, get to shopping for pregnancy outfits now!

Maternity Style Tips

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Oversized Tees (& Tops)

Tees and tops are perhaps the most popular outfits when it comes to a clothing option, and the reasons are obvious; they are fashionable, comfortable and striking at the same time. In terms of maternity fashion too, tops and tees can be worn endlessly to give you the ease you desire. Emphasized sleeves, floral inclinations, printed offerings and neck designs are few of the numerous factors that make the tops unique. And what’s best, you don’t even have to go to a store in order to buy them (unless you would rather visit one to experience offline shopping). Shop your size online from our especially curated list of 35 different types of tops here. Quick, they are all under Rs 1000!

Undone Coats

A coat doesn’t have to be buttoned up every single time. Unbuttoned coats or undone coats not only save you from the chill in the air but they also look great when styled with your outfit. When it comes to your maternity style and keeping a tab on pregnancy fashion, here’s how you can do it.


1. Layer the coat over your basic outfit- a dress or a pair of comfy trousers and an oversized top.

2. If not in the mood to wear it, casually drape the coat over your shoulders to switch up your maternity fashion.

Maxi Dresses

They are breezy, they are comfortable and they sure let you function freely by providing that extra level of ease and comfort. Be it a classic striped maxi dress, a polka dot maxi dress or one endorsing floral patterns, there is an array of outfit options to choose from in terms of maternity fashion. In winter, you could always wear a jacket on top to beat the chill, opting for a pair of warm leggings underneath.


Don’t underestimate the comfort and the power of joggers. Sure they are usually limited to the gym, an outdoors run or the confines of your home, one would say, but with athleisure still going strong, the outfit doesn’t have to be restricted to the aforementioned places. Pick a pair of chic joggers


Pattern & Colour

Pregnancy fashion doesn’t mean compromising in terms of your maternity style. Having said that, it is a fact that pattern and colour play an important role in elevating your overall look and uplifting your mood. Pastels, earthy tones, bright colours and the basic tones of black, white and grey are all welcome, as are distinct shades of coral, emerald and yellow. Similarly, patterns such as houndstooth, herringbone, gingham, checks, winter florals, traditional patterns like Ikat and intricate ones like paisley are always in vogue, mainly because of their distinct and timeless appeal.

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Accessorise Freely

Accessories have a huge impact on your overall look, meaning you can go all out with accessories of your choice by teaming them with your pregnancy outfits for a winning look. Whether you are partial towards hair accessories or chunky jewellery, there is an array of options for you to choose from and style according to your will.

Hair & Beauty

Pregnancy fashion isn’t just limited to apparel and accessories. Yes, you guessed it right- it involves your hair and a beauty regime too! Maternity style differs for each and everyone, so whether you were planning to take it easy in the beauty department and go the makeup-free route or work a naturally glowing look, make sure that your beauty look is in sync with your maternity fashion. As for hair, if elaborate an elaborate hairstyle isn’t your thing, keep it simple with a braid or a ponytail.


Inspiration From Celebrity Maternity Style

If you’re looking for some celebrity maternity style inspiration, Instagram’s the place to be (virtually). Who doesn’t want to look fine and present an awesome maternity style when they’re with child? Sure, it’s not as easy as it looks but here’s a list of the most on-point pregnant moms who have or are nailing it with their chic pregnancy outfits.

Kareena Kapoor Khan

Image source: Instagram

Hardly anything needs to be said about the Bollywood actress’s celebrity maternity style, which was on point every time she stepped out.

Hilary Duff

For uplifting your maternity style, flowy floral sundresses like Hilary’s are your best-friend, come summer. Take inspiration from celebrity maternity style to wear roomy clothes that are also super chic!


4 hilary duff pregnant women instagram
Image source: Instagram

Flowy floral sundresses like Hilary’s are your best-friend this summer. Being preggo is not the most comfortable time and we get that, so wear roomy clothes that are also super chic!

Chrissy Teigen

6 chrissy pregnant women instagram
Image source: Instagram

Chrissy Teigen is a queen, no questions asked. However, coupled with that pregnancy glow, we’ve never seen her look better than in this all red monochrome outfit. That satin and lace slip dress is just to-die-for.


Mira Kapoor

8 mira kapoor pregnant women instagram
Image source: Instagram

Mira Kapoor’s baby shower outfit is the dreamiest, just like her celebrity maternity style. Embrace your off-shoulder cotton dresses for making a mark with your maternity fashion, thank us later.

Shop Products

If you are all sorted in your head about how to move forward with your pregnancy fashion to give way to a distinct maternity style, here are some picks you may want to shop, just in case!



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Go on, rock that baby bump fashionably!

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