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Aarghh! 8 Texts EVERY Girl Avoids Sending

We live in the “golden” age of SMS and WhatsApp and a dozen other messengers – this, unfortunately, means we are always connected. Yet every self-respecting woman has at least once in her life over-thought and procrastinated over sending a simple text. This could be because of the imminent change that we know can take place once we hit the SEND button! *Sigh* So if you are avoiding one as we speak, don’t worry, sister, we’ve ALL been there!

1.  The angry text that could lead to a break-up

Your boyfriend has pissed you off to SUCH an extent that you’re really tempted to dump him. Not that this hasn’t happened before, but this time he’s gone one step further. You are so hurt, you know if you call him you will end up crying your heart out. You might as well type everything out coherently in a text message. But you also know sending it could mean the end. It’s saved as a draft in your phone and you’re not quite sure what to do next!

Texts Women Avoid 1

2.  That text saying no to a booty call

He messaged post 1 a.m., and you KNOW he was out drinking with the boys. You really want to meet him, but you like him for real. You don’t want to just be his booty call – and that’s something you want to make amply clear. But uff, he’s so damn cute! Why life gotta be so unfair, amirite? Saying no is one of the hardest texts you’re ever going to send, so what do you do? Just pretend that it’s just “too late”!

Rahul: Want to meet? I’ll pick you in 10.

You: No, thanks! I can’t get out so late.

What you wanted to say: Take me out on a DATE, you adorable jerkface.

Texts Women Avoid 2

3.  That text telling mom and dad that you might not be coming home tonight…

You headed out for a simple dinner with the girls and had no clue it was going to turn out to be this crazy, drunken night! Your folks don’t know and don’t need to know that you’ve had *way* too many shots! But you’re worried that your parents will wait up, so you think about messaging them at 2 a.m. saying you’re staying over at your bestie’s because you can’t get a ride back. But you’re also pretty sure that sending that text is going to turn their worry into complete rage! This is one of those killer type of messages: you’ll be damned if you do and damned if you don’t!

Texts Women Avoid 3

4. That reply to the ex who wants to reconnect

Life is full of tough stuff! As the years pass, they bring with them wisdom and lessons and the will to move on. If you just got out of a toxic on-again, off-again relationship, you know better than to reply to your ex when he messages you saying that you guys should give the relationship another chance! You know you gotta reply with “No, thanks, that ship has sailed.” You know that’s the right thing to do, but it’s SO hard – and so FINAL! Better to pretend like you never got it at all… :-/

Texts Women Avoid 4

5. That message to your boss saying you’re NOT working this weekend…

Every girl gets that message once – the one from her boss on a Friday evening, asking whether that thing is done yet, and when is it being submitted. And the thing is, it probably didn’t get done because you had to work so hard through the week that you had no time or energy left. But can you actually say that it will have to wait till next week? ‘Coz if you do, it might mean that all hell will break loose on Monday… 🙁

Texts Women Avoid 5

6. That RSVP to your ex-BFF who is making a plan

College gang meeting, but you barely speak to any of them anymore? Ugh! These ex-bestie type situations are the worst! Postpone hitting send all you want, but you WILL have to reply with a “Sorry, I’m not going to be able to make it! Have fun you guys.” Oh, and don’t forget to add a smile emoticon, lest you appear too bitchy! (But you KNOW they’re going to probably bitch about you once you hit send, so you just keep putting it off until the last moment. Like, 30 minutes before the event. :-P)

Texts Women Avoid 6

7. That awful bad-news text

Whether it’s informing the whole gang that someone you all know has passed away, or hearing of some awful  news on the TV first and letting everyone know, if you are the harbinger of bad news it weighs on you real heavy. But at some point in life, we all have to grow up and send that text. You can avoid sending messages, but you can’t avoid adulthood and responsibility!

Texts Women Avoid 7

8. The “I miss you” message

Whether it’s the totally platonic “I miss you” that you need to say to an old friend who was like your lifeline at one point, or the ache in the chest “I miss you” you need to send someone special who is a million miles away or even with someone else now, we’ve all over-analysed those words a million times. We’ve tried upper-case, lower-case, all-caps, sentence-case, with emoticons, without emoticons, with punctuation… you get the drift! We try to make sure the “I miss you” text doesn’t reek of desperation, that we are going for breezy sophistication! Ah well, some things are universally unavoidable. Just send it already, and move on with life. 🙂

Texts Women Avoid 8

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06 May 2016

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