11 Texts Girls *Wish* Their Boyfriends Would Send Them!

Gayatri SahayGayatri Sahay  |  May 5, 2016
11 Texts Girls *Wish* Their Boyfriends Would Send Them!


Getting random texts from our guys is one of those small but cute gestures that go a long way when it comes to brightening up our day… Here are 11 sweet texts we wish our guys would send to us!!

1. “Lol, people keep asking me why I’m smiling so much these days…it’s cos of you!”

This one’s sure to win a smile any day!

text from your guy

2. “Babe, shall I make dinner tonight?”

One of the nicest ways a guy can show initiative, we think!

3. “You know that top you said you liked in H&M – was it the red or the black?”

So what if he forgot the colour… He was actually paying attention and got your hint! Aww!!

text from your guy

4. “You would seriously love this place! Wish you were here.”

A) It’s nice that you’re thinking about me. B) It’s even nicer that you know it’s something I would like!

5. “Are you free? If not, can we FaceTime secretly? Miss your face!”

Secret FaceTime can sometimes be the best FaceTime!

text from your guy

6. “I’m sorry you’re having a bad day… I wish I could make it better. Just know that everything will be okay.”

Seriously, guys don’t know how much better they make our day just by saying that. Thank you!

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7. “You’re so ridiculously hot.”

A casual reminder never hurt anyone! 😉

text from your guy

8. “My mum keeps asking about you. It makes me happy to know you’re on her mind too!”

A sweet way to warm any girls’ heart, we think…

9. “Surprise! We’re going away this weekend!!”

“Yay! Let me pack my bags! You’re the best!”

text from your guy

10. “I love you”

Three words, 8 letters… Need we say more?! Best. Text. Ever.

11. “Good morning, beautiful!”

With a start to your day this cute, things are bound to only get better!

texts from your guy

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