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Tejasswi Prakash Is Hating Karan Kundrra’s Game Strategy & Fans Are Worried For #TejRan Now

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Oct 29, 2021


Aapsi sehmati‘ in the Bigg Boss verse is as rare as spotting a Zebra on Delhi streets. You know what we mean! In every Bigg Boss season, there has always been that one contestant who refuses to agree with the rest of the housemates. Something similar happened in last night’s episode during the captaincy task when Pratik Sehajpal refused to agree with other contestants. Unable to arrive at “aaspsi sehmati,” the housemates kept fighting for hours and eventually, the task got cancelled. Now, while the task might not have happened, a lot was revealed about contestants’ real intentions during the process of choosing contenders for captaincy. Obviously, a lot of commotion ensued and looks like #TejRan’s beautiful bond has succumbed to the chaos.

Yesterday, after the cancellation of the task, Tejasswi Prakash looked clearly miffed with Karan Kundrra. It didn’t take too long for the actor to guess that something was off with Teja. This is when Karan asked her to sit down and tell him why she was being so cold. However, he was clearly not anticipating that she will end up calling him out for his problematic game strategy and being double-faced.


“You are constantly instigating your team to fight against them [OTT contestants Pratik, Shamita, and Nishant] but then you also go and make strategies with them. I don’t like this. If you want to play from both sides, say it but please don’t play this game with me” she told Karan in a curt chat. While the actor did not know how to respond to the allegation, he looked quite sad after his conversation with Teja. Later on, he was also seen talking to Akasa Singh about everything that had happened and shared that he is getting confusing vibes from Teja. Karan had a problem with the fact that Tejasswi had voted for Vishal Singh instead of him.

All this while, things have been unusually calm and friendly in Bigg Boss 15 house with image-conscious contestants who are focusing on being nice to everyone. They legit look like a Sooraj Barjatya style-joint family ATM and that is not something that viewers watch Bigg Boss for. This is probably why makers came up with the idea of asking the contestants for ‘aapsi sehmati’ to sow discord and it has worked like a charm. The contestants have been clearly divided into groups now.

Sadly, while chaos is a ladder, it is also a pit and #TejRan’s bond has been comprised in the strategy. That said, Tejasswi is not entirely wrong in pointing out that Karan is one of the image-conscious contestants. Earlier this week, Nishant Bhat and Jay Bhanushali were also seen discussing how he is being nice to everyone and this strategy will backfire super soon. Exactly that has happened now and it is sad that the #TejRan bond is the first one to face the brunt.

Here’s hoping that things get better with #TejRan and we get to watch their adorable friendship yet again.

Featured Image: Twitter