9 Tech Accessories You Definitely *Need* Right Now!

Chhavi PorwalChhavi Porwal  |  Apr 20, 2018
9 Tech Accessories You Definitely *Need* Right Now!

In this digi-era, it’s nearly impossible to beat the temptation of gadgets and technology. We are so used to tech accessories now that we end up improvising tech trends each year. Be it a funky mobile cover or a popsocket that has your personality engraved on it in two-words, technology just makes life easier and fun at the same time.

The market on tech products is never low, there’s always a constant flow of fresh, innovative and more fun options. With the world going Insta-crazy, whether you are are a couch potato or always out and about, there’s always a tech accessory that piques your interest. Hence, technology and millennials are inseparable. Period.

So, for you to keep up with the tech trends and funk, we’ve picked some interesting tech accessories that you can add to your basket, right away!     

1. Metallic cat headsets


Look. At. You all chic and glittery! If you are fond of listening to music, you’d rather listen it in a fancy cat style. This one has amazing sound quality and a comfortable padding. This metallic cat headset has a very notable design and it comes with a 3.5mm jack.

Price: ₹ 1,350. Buy it here.

2. VR headset with remote controller


Enter the world of VR! Monster VR headset comes with highly calibrated 42mm HD polarised resin lenses. You also get a free remote and inbuilt touch button to control the system with this one.

Price: ₹ 3,200. Buy it here.

3. Minion earphones


Just like Mickey Mouse, Minions will also be our forever kinda crush. So you might as well get these earphones. It’s compatible with all phones and also comes with a 3.5mm jack.

Price: ₹ 250. Buy it here.

4. PopSockets


Let your popsocket do the talking while you netflix and chill on your phone. Pick the one that expresses your personality in the best way possible because there are plenty of options. With this one, you’re ‘flawless.’

Price: ₹ 599. Buy it here.

5. Mobile holder


If you are done hurting your hand by holding your phone while watching long videos or are finally, tired of aligning the back of your phone in a 45-degree angle to the wall, get this cool holder, it’s perfectly angled, portable, supportive and looks cute.

Price: ₹ 249. Buy it here.

6. Designer mobile cover


We’ve already given up plain mobile covers and now we have endless options to shield our phone with a back cover that expresses our love or personality. This one, especially, is for art lovers and of course, Mumbai lovers.

Price: ₹ 599. Buy it here.

7. Laptop bag


Your laptop definitely needs some shielding. What’s better than carrying it in an attractive designer bag. The design of this bag from India Circus fosters a latticed screen, with an ornamental geometric pattern. The canvas and faux leather give it a chic look.

Price: ₹ 1,590. Buy it here.

8. Activity tracker


With so much work out that you’ve missed in the past couple of months, you need this one to keep a track of your steps and calories. Its ultra-thin structure makes it easy to handle. It automatically recognizes select workouts and records them to your Fitbit app and it also tracks how long and how well you’ve slept. It sets a silent alarm to wake you up with a small vibration. You get your call and text notifications on your wrist with unique vibration patterns and color-coded LED lights. Phew! That’s a lot of reasons to buy this one.

Price: ₹ 11,999. Buy it here.

9. Power bank


We’re not here to judge, okay? We are all guilty of loving the poop emoticon and the tech market knows. So, here’s a power bank with 8800 mAH that’ll charge your phone in need while you look and laugh at it for no particular reason. It’s compatible with all phones.

Price: ₹ 1,799. Buy it here.

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