Bold & Beautiful: Team POPxo Talks About What Lipsticks Mean To Them

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  Jul 29, 2021
Bold & Beautiful: Team POPxo Talks About What Lipsticks Mean To Them

Beauty trends come and go, but some products stand the test of time. The one makeup product that we’ve been fixated on since our late teens and always gravitate towards to make us look our best selves is lipsticks.

Team POPxo’s love for lipstick knows no bounds. From true reds to subtle nudes- we’ve always scouting for our next buy. Even with bare skin, there’s something about wearing our favourite hues that gives confidence, makes us feel invincible. Just one swipe across the lips and we look put together. So, in honour of International Lipstick Day, the POPxo team sifted through their makeup bags to name their current favourite lipstick hues. Keep scrolling to know the deets.

Here’s How Popxo Beauty Team Look And Feel In Their Perfect Lipstick

To Stand-Out

Lipstick makes me feel complete. It helps me pick up a colour according to my mood & therefore, on most days, is an extension of how I feel.

-Naina Sharma, Social Media Manager

Make A Statement Wherever You Go

Strong, defiant, attractive, and powerful- lipstick makes me feel like a bolder version of myself.

-Anandita Malhota, Junior Editor

To Elevate Your Style

Lipstick is a mirror of my mood on a particular day.

– Ridhi Verma, Social Media Executive

To Be Centre Stage

I don’t apply lipstick that often. So for me, lipstick is that significant makeup step that I keep in store for special occasions. It holds the power to turn my casual day into a celebration (even if it’s a celebration with selfies).

-Rimsha Sheikh, Senior Beauty Writer

For The Free-Spirited

Lipstick is my go-to product to elevate my mood and style. Even if I’m not wearing any other makeup, I always have Lipstick on – a beauty lesson passed on through generations – from my granny to my mother, none of them stepping out without putting on their favourite hues. I’ve always leaned towards a classic red – a shade that echoes tenacity.

-Ayushi Verma, Beauty Writer

Which lipstick shade can you not live without?

Featured Image: Team POPxo