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Top 7 Lipsticks For Summer

Ready, Set, Pout: 7 Lipstick Colours That Will Totally Uplift Your Mood This Summer




Beauty trends come and go, but some products can stand the test of time. The one product that majorly defines our style aesthetics is the quintessential lipstick. It’s the easiest way to uplift your mood and take your style game to the next level. With just one transformative swipe across your lips and your outfit can look put together and chicer. Now that summer is in full swing, we’ve rounded up the biggest lipstick trends we’ll be seeing here, there, and everywhere this warm-weather season.

These 7 Pretty Lip Colours Will Be All the Rage Really Soon

Blotted Red


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There’s nothing more classic than a bold red lip and how it makes us feel invincible, but the dramatic shade tends to gain more traction during the colder months. Well, the fashion set is ushering red lips into summer by skipping lip liner and opting for a more relaxed look complete with a blotted, diffused finish.

Semi-Sheer Cream Gloss

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Lip gloss is always a good idea, and, it’s definitely time to infuse some glass back into your makeup repertoire. This summer, try semi-sheer finishes that impart a shiny, plump, and blurring effect over the lips. Since any color payoff will be subtle, you won’t have to worry about it smearing underneath your face mask.

Diffused Berry


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There’s no makeup more mask-friendly than a lip stain. And thankfully, the diffused look it creates is a beauty-girl favorite that gives a boost of radiance to all complexions. So far, it appears berry-like shades of red and pink are taking over, cueing the start of that freshly bitten lip look that always makes its way to the forefront during warm seasons.

Pale Mauve

In keeping with the pastel theme that descends upon spring-summer every year like clockwork,  barely-there pale mauve colors are here to make your lips resemble a seasonal floral arrangement. Whether matte or glossy, this hue is so pretty and complementary to so many skin tones.

Petal Pink

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Nothing screams summer like a pretty pastel pink lip. But it’s not that overly bubblegum, neon shades that are making their way around this year. Instead, go for more subtle hues that resemble a natural yet vivid wash of color.

Orange Tinge

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We haven’t been able to get orange lipstick out of our heads since the monochrome makeup took a front seat in the beauty universe. Apparently, we’re not alone cause pops of peachy orange – from salmon to terracotta keep showing up on the mouths of the most stylish people online and we’re so ready for this!

Shades of Brown

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As previously stated, the ’90s are back my peeps. One indicative sign that keeps showing up in the beauty space is the resurgence of the color brown. First, it was nail polish, and now, brown lipstick is everywhere, too. From toasted caramel and deep beige to molten chocolate shades, there’s something for everyone.

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14 Apr 2021

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