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6 People Share – Their Favourite ‘Unmarried’ Character!

6 People Share – Their Favourite ‘Unmarried’ Character!

POPxo just launched its first ever web series and obviously, our office has been busy binge-watching it! It’s funny, quirky and basically explains the problems of our generation and our lives pretty well. Especially the ‘Unmarried’ part of it. And so I went around asking team POPxo about their favourite characters from Unmarried and why they love them so much. 

1. Abby All The Way 

 popxo abby

He’s silly and funny but that’s what makes him so lovable. The guy has no filter and just speaks his mind, even in the most uncomfortable situations, leading to some hilarious results. I’m always going to be in team Abby!

– Nitya Uppal, Assistant Editor 

2. Kay, The Babe 

popxo kay

She’s unapologetically herself, which represents women of our generation. We are proud of the fact that we want to stay ‘Unmarried’ and she gets the point across perfectly. Kay is true and honest to herself in every way. 

– Shristi Gupta, Junior Lifestyle Editor 

3. Parul Steals The Show

 popxo parul

I know Parul isn’t everybody’s first choice but come on, she’s crazy and fun and loves making mistakes! Which makes her so relatable. She’s that one Unmarried character everyone loves to hate. 

– Catheline Chen, Lifestyle Writer

4. Chirag’s The Man 

 popxo chirag

The crazy milk-man who is basically a lost cause. Chirag adds life to the show and though he has some competition in the humour department, from Abby of course, I think he wins hands down!

– Chhavi Porwal, Senior Trending Writer

5. Sahil Is The Best Storyteller 

popxo sahil

Sahil is the everyday guy who just wants to fix his life, one brick at a time. That’s what I relate to, I guess. Plus his stories are very entertaining and after a point, I found myself waiting for his next outrageous words of wisdom. 

– Nayan Das, Jr. Branded Content Manager 

6. Ipshita Is Da Bomb!

popxo ipshita

She isn’t afraid to talk about the fact that she has made some mistakes in her life. But instead, she powers through and is brave enough to accept her flaws. Truly an inspiring character.

– Krithika Kumar, Senior Features Writer 

29 Jun 2018

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