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The 'Unmarried' Character You Are Most Like, According To Your Zodiac

The 'Unmarried' Character You Are Most Like, According To Your Zodiac

If you've watched the new POPxo web series Unmarried then you know that the series has some unforgettable characters.

If you haven't, well, it's about time you do! Catch the first episode on YouTube here and following six episodes on our app here.

Naturally, we categorised our favourite characters according to sun signs so that you could figure out which one most resembles you. Are you an independent, strong woman like Kay or are you everyone's favorite boy-next-door like Abby? 

So, we combined two similar zodiac signs and zeroed down the characters from 'Unmarried' that are exactly like these signs.

For those who haven't watched the show (shame on you!), think of these introductions as a sneak peek of what these characters are like. If you want to find the one you can relate to, we'd suggest watching 'Unmarried' now!

1. Aries and Leo

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Tough on the outside and really soft and sensitive on the inside, that's Aries and Leo for you. So we know Parul's devil-may-care wardrobe, and attitude, ain't fooling anyone. Consider yourself her twin if you like to keep it cool and classy as well.

That said, these signs are all about friends and would probably do just about anything for their squad, but they're also the first ones to pick a fight. Then again, what is life without a little bit of masala right?

2. Taurus and Scorpio

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If you're a Taurean or a Scorpio you are exactly like Chirag. We bet you're the guy who keeps the party going with his witty banter and humour.

But Taurus and Scorpio aren't just about fun and games. Like our very own Chirag, honesty is their best policy and loyalty is a given with them. They have a few, but great, friends amongst them, and they'll do anything to keep them happy and entertained.

3. Gemini and Libra

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Meet Kay, by far the most relatable character in the web series. She knows her priorities and will teach you how to rock 'Unmarried'.

Annoyingly indecisive yet a bundle of fun is exactly what you get with Geminis and Librans. They're the people you can count on at a party to charm your friends. They'll sing, they'll dance, and they'll make sure everyone's having a blast. But, fun aside, when it comes to getting sh*t done, like Kay, a Gemini or a Libran is your girl.

4. Cancer and Pisces

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You know that friend who believes in love but also knows that pyaar ek dhokha hai? That's Sahil for you, and any Cancerian or Piscean you know.

Extremely driven, these signs know exactly what they want and always strive to achieve their goals. They're by far the best people to divulge all your secrets to because they will never spill. Also, they may look cute, but they bite hard, so...

5. Virgo and Capricorn

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Smart, quirky, and intelligent Virgos and Capricons make for an irresistable package, just like Ipshita a.k.a Teena Singh. These signs know how to work hard and party harder since they have the whole work-life balance down to a pat. 

Meet the bold and beautiful one who knows how to get what she wants, no matter what. Free-spirited and full of life, it's hard to ignore an Ipshita in the group. 

6. Sagittarius and Aquarius

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They're the life of the party! If you've got friends who are Sagittarian or Aquarian then you know they're spontaneous, fun, and adventurous. One minute they're saying something profound, the next they're cracking a joke, these signs are basically a hoot. 

So, meet Abby. He's the crowd favorite and a secret heartthrob that you won't be able to resist. Just like every other Sagittarian or Aquarian guy you've ever met.